Once Upon A Dream Tea

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For when you don’t want to be up past midnight, and a hundred year sleep sounds pretty great, there’s this blend of organic lavender, chamomile, roses and mint, kissed goodnight with vanilla. Perfect for falling asleep over a good book, drifting off on a stack of mattresses, or cuddling into a sleepy pile in front of the hearth. Get some rest, and don’t stress. Sleep like a princess, with a tea made of flowers, the scent of mountain meadows and possibly the songs of bluebirds.

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vial of tea, jar of tea, ounce of tea, 4 ounces (discount!)

1 review for Once Upon A Dream Tea

  1. Anonymous

    My absolute favorite. I love most anything with lavender, but the fact that there’s rose and mint in here just gives it an added bonus. It hascooling effect while drinking it and is very calming. I love the smell, and could probably hold a warm cup of this tea for hours and just smell it. Would very much recommend

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