The Five Wits is a geeky traveling business belonging to Ruth and friends. Maybe you met us at one of our many shows, or maybe you stumbled across us on the internet. However you got here, welcome! We’re artists, costumers, writers, gamers, and geeks of many fandoms. If any of this sounds familiar, you’ll feel right at home.

We started out in 2003 selling cloaks by Jessica and sculptures and art by Ruth, along with assorted trinkets. These days we mostly sell wigs, but all sorts of things can be found at our booths- books, art prints, plants, jewelry, and more.

Our sister sites include our costume and cosplay wigs at The Five Wits wigs, and our storytelling and art at The Five Wits Press.

You can contact us at thefivewits at thefivewits dot net.

Meet The Wits
Ruth: Owner, skill point junkie, and co-founder of The Five Wits. Multiclassing as so many things. So many.
Job: level 17 Wit
Alignment: Chaotic Whoo

Jessica: Co-founder of The Five Wits.
Job: level 17 Wit
Alignment: Lawful Adorable

Birdy: Website minion, heavy lifting, customer service and professional shipper (no really, I get to write that on my taxes)
Job: level 13 Wit
Alignment: Neutral Sad