Transformation Sequence Magical Tea

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This elegant blend of green teas, cherry blossom, jasmine, roses and mulberries is a festival tea, brimming with heart and magic. Available for a limited time, this shoujo tea sparkles on the palate, and is guaranteed to transform your day for the better. It is lightly caffeinated to get you through your day, night, or current incarnation. Believe in love, believe in friendship, and drink your tea. Use 1 teaspoon per 8 ounce cup. Steep 3-6 minutes in boiling water.

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vial of tea, ounce of tea, jar of tea, 4 ounces (discount!)

4 reviews for Transformation Sequence Magical Tea

  1. Nick R.

    Best tea I’ve ever had. Smooth, refreshing, fragrant and relaxing.

    Side note: for cost analysis, how much does the jar weigh, or how much does the tea in the jar weigh? Independent of each other of course.

    • The Five Wits

      Glad you like it! For your question, since the tea in jars is packed by volume, not weight, you’ll get a bit more than an ounce for the heavy teas and a bit less than an ounce for the lightweight herbal teas. The ounce bag for $6 is the best deal. The jars are attractive and nice for gifts. Choose accordingly!

  2. Kaitlin Valenti (verified owner)

    I love the flavors in this!! It was sweet without being overpowering and heavily reminded me of 80s anime glitter effects. The caffeine really snuck up on me, though haha!

  3. Melissa Riggio (verified owner)

    I found FiveWits at Katsucon and got a test tube of this tea and loved it so much that I bought 4 oz just now. It’s a lovely flavor and the theming of the tea is adorable.

  4. Nick R. (verified owner)

    Just got back from a trip and the tea I ordered for my birthday was waiting for me! I absolutely love it and I’m glad I won’t have to ration it anymore!

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