We’re taking orders again!

Note: To those checking the website updates tag, we now announce most updates through our Facebook, Twitter (also shown in the left sidebar here on the website), or in the box at the top of the website. We’re moved in to our new location and all of the ordering buttons on our pages are liveRead more ⟶

Vocaloids, Bleach, Sora, and a bunch of Soul Eater wigs

The new crop of wigs for January have arrived! For short wigs we have: Rukia and Ishida from Bleach, Rei from Evangelion, and Black Star from Soul Eater.  Also our popular shaggy, easily spike-able style in a medium brown, a good color for Sora from Kingdom Hearts. For ponytail wigs we have: The Vocaloid DellRead more ⟶

Ponytail wigs for the holidays!

The Phantom Loli Ruffle Encounter wig has been so popular that we’ve decided to stock similar ponytail wigs in a bunch of new colors!  Just in time for the holidays, we’re modeling them with scarves and Christmas lights. All the ponytail wigs are still at our great low price of $40, which includes the baseRead more ⟶

New website, new awesome

Check out our shiny new website!  All the good stuff you’re used to is still here, and we’ve added a few extra teaspoons of win. First is the new webcomic, an autobiographical chronicle of our mostly real adventures.  That will be served up fresh weekly.  Also this space will serve as a blog and commentRead more ⟶