Captain Eagle Scout

This short pale blond wig has somewhat sculptable bangs and works well for Steve Rodgers/Captain America from Marvel, Erwin Smith from Attack on Titan, and John Watson from BBC Sherlock. Photography by J.R. Blackwell. You can find this wig here!

Brave Bear Princess Fate

This tightly curled coppery orange wig is 22″ (56 cm) long and works well for Princess Merida, Jean Grey and Siren from X-Men, and could also work for a toned-down Sailor Galaxia from Sailor Moon. Some of the curls have streaks of a more yellow-coppery color (see below). You can now order this cosplay wigRead more ⟶

Perfectly Ordinary School Girl

This wig is a rich shade of brown and is 20″ (51 cm) long. It works for any number of, well, perfectly ordinary schoolgirl characters, and also Rogue from X-Men when worn with a white bang clip (shown below). This wig has been reviewed by Ruu! You can now order this cosplay wig on!

Trusty Sword Zombie Hunter

This long purple cosplay wig is 38″ (100 cm) long and has shaggy bangs. It’s a good wig for Saeko from Highschool of the Dead, Misato from Evangelion, Blair from Soul Eater, Psylocke from X-Men, Sinbad from Magi, Anthy (with her hair down) from Revolutionary Girl Utena, or Rarity from My Little Pony. You canRead more ⟶