Trusty Sword Zombie Hunter

This long purple cosplay wig is 38″ (100 cm) long and has shaggy bangs. It’s a good wig for Saeko from Highschool of the Dead, Misato from Evangelion, Blair from Soul Eater, Psylocke from X-Men, Sinbad from Magi, Anthy (with her hair down) from Revolutionary Girl Utena, or Rarity from My Little Pony. You canRead more ⟶

Vocal Genius Singing Dancer

This dusty pink ponytail wig would work well for Saya from Highschool of the Dead, and the pink version of the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku. The full set comes with a base wig and two ponytail clips that are 32″ (80 cm) long, though you can now order the base and the ponytails by themselves. SeeRead more ⟶