Death by Smoking Butterfly

This is the shaggiest of our short black wigs, and the back hair covers the neck more than the other styles. It works well for Tyki Mikk from D-Gray Man, Harry Potter from Harry Potter, Gilbert Nightray from Pandora Hearts, and young Walter from Hellsing. It also works for rather a lot of Homestuck characters,Read more ⟶

Fire Spinning Cross Tattoo

This rust-red wig has an omnidirectional top, which means that it can be parted wherever you like. The wig is layer, so it can be smoothed down, as in these pictures, or messed and fluffed up. It’s great for General Cross from D-Gray Man. You can now order this cosplay wig on!

Action Iced Demon Slayer

Approximately 5″ (13 cm) in length, this short wig wig comes out of the bag with the back already in a nice flippy style. This wig works well for more characters than we can count, including Allen Walker from D-Gray Man, Near from Death Note, Zero from Vampire Knight, Heine from Dogs: Bullets and Carnage,Read more ⟶

Giant Prop Sand Slam

This russet red wig is nicely shaggy, and easy to put into spikes. It is good for Lavi from D-Gray Man, Gaara from Naruto, Matt from Death Note, and Spirit from Soul Eater. The length averages 4″ (10 cm). You can now order this cosplay wig on!