Strife Heart Sword Kind

This short pale blonde wig is very easy to spike, making it ideal for styling into Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy, Dirk Strider from Homestuck, or any number of other brooding blondes. The photo shows the wig styled without hairspray, just pulled up into spikes by hand! The longest fibers of this wig are aboutRead more ⟶

Radioactive Adventure Hope Jungle

This vivid green wig is 3″ (7.5 cm) long, and works well for Mashiro Kuna from Bleach, Trickster Jake from Homestuck, and Seto Kaiba (the “screw the rules I have green hair” version) from Season 0 of Yu-Gi-Oh! You can find this wig here!

black braid clips

These 40″ (101 cm) long wig accessories can turn your black wig into a cosplay for Soifon from Bleach, Touko Fukawa from Dangan Ronpa, and Meenah Peixes from Homestuck. The braids are shown here with our Death By Smoking Butterfly wig. They have the same sort of easily attachable small clips as our bang clips.Read more ⟶

Bad Wolf Tiem Stahp

This shoulder-length (5″ (13 cm) long) pale blonde wig with bangs works well for Rose Tyler from Doctor Who, Ivan Karelin from Tiger & Bunny, Roxy Lalonde from Homestuck, and Patty Thompson from Soul Eater. It comes out of the bag with the ends slightly flipped up, but these could be straightened out or curledRead more ⟶

Major Sailor Saturn Cyborg

This black wig is 4″ (10 cm) long and good for Sailor Saturn/Hotaru Tomoe from Sailor Moon, Sei from DRAMAtical Murder, and several Homestuck characters including Equius Zahhak, Latula Pyrope, and Terezi Pyrope. You can now order this cosplay wig on!

Loli Blonde Effervescence

This pale blonde ponytail wig comes with the base wig and two detachable ponytails, 12″ (30 cm) long, pre-curled. It works well as a wig for Elizabeth Midford from Black Butler, Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw, and Wizgille from Red Dragon Inn. The base wig alone, when styled, works well for Roxy Lalonde from Homestuck.Read more ⟶

Death by Smoking Butterfly

This is the shaggiest of our short black wigs, and the back hair covers the neck more than the other styles. It works well for Tyki Mikk from D-Gray Man, Harry Potter from Harry Potter, Gilbert Nightray from Pandora Hearts, and young Walter from Hellsing. It also works for rather a lot of Homestuck characters,Read more ⟶

Moon Transformation Catgirl

This curly black cosplay wig is extremely long (30″ (76 cm) long) and has shaggy bangs, and comes with four clip-on black buns. It is a good wig for human Luna and Nehelenia from Sailor Moon and Aradia Megido or Feferi Peixes from Homestuck when worn without the buns. You can now order this cosplayRead more ⟶

Cocky Commander General Snap

This super short black cosplay wig is only 3″ (8 cm) long. It works for lots of characters like Roy Mustang, Mori from Ouran, Daichi Sawamura from Haikyuu!!, and Sollux Captor from Homestuck. You can find this wig here!

Smoldering Antihero Type

This black wig is smoother than Super Master Genius Trainer, and has shorter bangs. It is meant to lay flat or fluff lightly rather than go into spikes. It can be styled for Kyoya from Ouran High School Host Club, Izaya from Durarara, Xion from Kingdom Hearts, Kanaya Maryam from Homestuck, Mukuro Ikusaba from DanganRead more ⟶

Super Master Genius Trainer

This short black style is one of our most popular wigs! It has long, shaggy bangs that measure 6″ (15 cm) at the longest, and the fibers are thick enough that you can make them stand up in spikes just using your fingers. We wear this wig for L from Death Note and Sebastian fromRead more ⟶

Yosh! Princely Hero Type

This platinum blond wig is about 4″ (10 cm) long and can be parted wherever you like. It’s a great wig for England (Arthur) from Axis Powers Hetalia, Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club, Shizuo from Durarara, Dave Strider from Homestuck, Oz Vessalius from Pandora Hearts, Link from The Legend of Zelda, Ken JoshimaRead more ⟶