15 thoughts on “Hall Monitor Moral Brows

    1. There used to be a wig called Slicked Back Noir Detective recommend for Cronus, but it’s discontinued. Sorry to but in, hopefully didn’t come off as rude.

      1. Actually, that’s true! We did used to carry Slicked Black Noir Detective, but we vastly prefer this to the old Slicked Black for Cronus because this is a much better match – it does just enough fluff at the back of the head and neck, and is both thicker and more flattering for most people than the old Slicked Black style.

    1. Within two weeks! Tax is included, and shipping and handling are calculated when you add to cart. It’s usually around five dollars to the continental US. (If you’re wondering you can add another short wig to cart and calculate shipping costs from there.)

  1. Do you know when this will be back in stock? I was waiting to buy it until I got paid and I finally got my check and it’s out XD

    1. Hmm! I think so if you wanna do a more slicked back version of him, but we also have another wig (that isn’t on the website yet) that we got specifically for Tony. Iron Heart Marshmallow Hero is its name, and if you would prefer to get this one instead (it might be a couple weeks before it’s officially up) please just order this one and specify in Paypal comments that you’d like Iron Heart Marshmallow Hero instead.

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