18 thoughts on “Captain Eagle Scout

  1. I’ve been looking for a short strawberry blonde wig for a while, but have had no success. Do you think this could be dyed a strawberry blonde tone somehow? Any suggestions?

      1. Thank you very much! Do you know of anywhere that sells good wig dye or have a suggestion for what color sharpie could make this strawberry blonde?

  2. Ahhh I should have just bought on at Anime Boston, I love this wig so much. Could the front be spiked up at all, do you think? I’d love to be able to use it for Minerva from The Wicked and The Divine, among other things.

    1. Yes, it is somewhat sculptable and heat resistant so if you needed to make the bangs go up a little bit you could with some heat training to it. For Minerva I may also recommend Snow Bro Manly Punch. The bangs are already trained back from the face here and could spike easily – it’s also a little lighter in color which seems to suit her a little better.

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