14 thoughts on “My Beloved Peasant Village

  1. I’m not sure, as I haven’t yet seen anyone with dark skin try it on in person. The trouble with color and skin tone contrast comes up when someone’s skin tone is very close to the wig’s tone (even if the color is different- certain white skin tones with some pink wigs can look odd), but if your skin’s noticeably darker or lighter than the wig you should be fine.

  2. My friend is interested in buying this wig and styling it a bit to use for Wirt from Over the Garden Wall. Would you recommend that?

    1. I think so? (The screenshots all are in such dark lighting it’s hard to tell his hair color.) I think his hair might be a bit blonder than this wig; but this is your best bet because the stylable blonde range of our wigs jumps right from this wig to a very bright blonde.

  3. I’m considering this wig for Kieren Walker. He’s got brownish-blond hair that is parted on the side, but not spiked or too poofy. Will this work well?

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