9 thoughts on “Inevitable Future Pink Moon

  1. Is this the exact same color as the old one? Like if somebody had purchased the original for actually a different character but now needs to add length of thickness?

    1. It is! I know the photos make the color look different, but the photos were just taken in different lighting (and by a professional instead of us haha) than the first wig’s photos.

  2. Do you have longer clip-on ponytails in this color? I’d like to cosplay Black Lady with my friend who cosplays Mistress 9, but for that I’d need the longer-haired version of this wig.

  3. I bought this wig from you at Anime Expo along with a Tamaki and Usagi wig. I really can’t wear this wig while cosplaying because one of the odangos are really very obviously bigger than the other!!!

  4. is it possible to just get the base wig of this? it’s perfect for a character i’m cosplaying, but i really don’t need the ponytails or odangos

  5. Would it be possible to get the base wig and the short ponytails? I’m going to cosplay as Chiho from The Devil is a Part-Timer!, and the wig with the short ponytails would be great for her. 🙂

    1. Sure! Just buy the normal ‘base and 2 odangos and 2 short ponytails’ option, include a note in Instructions To Sender about not wanting the odangos, and we’ll refund you $5 through PayPal and send it without odangos.

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