25 thoughts on “Awkward Trenchcoat Angel Intensity

  1. Now when you say ‘very short’, does that mean someone with much longer hair might have some difficulty with it? I learned from the tutorial on how to pin long hair for wearing a short wig, but that one in the vid was a touch longer, and my hair is a good bit longer than my med-length wig from you guys. If I have a good cap and a lot of pins, could it still be done?

    1. I know how that is, I have ridiculous amounts of hair even when it’s medium length.
      Trust me, it’s ALWAYS going to be possible to get it all in there somehow, it just might take a couple tries

  2. Would it be possible to part it in the middle? I’m looking for a wig for Marco from attack on titan and this seems to be the best one for the character.

  3. I want to use this for Charles Xaivier (XMEN First Class) but I need a second opinion on it. What would you guys think?

  4. Do you think the wig could be styled with the bangs forward, kind of messy? Wanting this to cosplay my headcanon for Kevin from WTNV.

  5. I’m not sure where this is shipping from, but estimated how long would shipping take to arrive in Arizona? (I can specify city if necessary)

    1. We can’t figure it out exactly even with city, but standard shipping usually takes less than 7 business days within the US. (Probably a lot less in your case; we’re shipping from Oklahoma.)

  6. Is this a comfy wig?(this’ll be my first wig so I’m a bit of a noob at this) I’ll be wearing this all day at a Supernatural Convention and I don’t want to be really uncomfortable the whole time…

    1. None of us have tried wearing it for extended periods of time, however, Ruth (who wore it during the shoot) says it was one of the easiest and fun to wear wigs of the whole photoshoot. She’s worn some of our other styles all day on the convention floor, and hasn’t had a problem with any of them.

  7. This is my first crossplay and Im doing it with Castiel (so I don’t know that much about short wigs). Can you use something to glue down the sideburns? Like glue, special kind or glue, or tape?

    1. I would take some hairspray to it! That’s what I do anytime I ever want to make hair stick to me, and it’s reversible – glue would likely get the fibers all gross after one wearing.

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