21 thoughts on “Unlikely Giant Love Interest

  1. Without the pony tail clip and maybe with a little straightening, this would actually be a perfect wig for Clara from Doctor Who. Well, some of her hairstyles at least.

  2. Thanks so much for including the little photo instructions on how to style this wig for Hanji! I wouldn’t have considered this wig without it. I will definitely be buying this one. 🙂

  3. when will these wigs be back in stock? i have march cons and i need some wigs but the ones i need are all out of stock >~<

    1. Unfortunately they’re mostly going to be back in mid-March. 🙁 Depending on when your conventions are, if they restock early enough in the month you might be able to get them with Priority shipping, but sadly we don’t have an exact date they’ll be restocked yet!

  4. OKAY SO I BOUGHT THIS WIG EARLIER THIS MONTH AND I COULD SERIOUSLY MARRY IT. here’s a review for you guys cause I love you all

    It’s a little thinner than the photos suggest, but believe me when I say this wig looks super natural. I wear it all the time, and goodness gracious is it beautiful. The ponytail it comes with is super duper fun, believe me. I won’t even clip up the rest of the hair when I put it on sometimes and that looks pretty good too.

    On the negative side, on me personally it’s a smidge too snug (but I have a pretty large head, like 23″ hat measurement large, so your mileage may vary). It also tangles somewhat easily, but it’s manageable if you keep an eye on it.

    1. It’s only available with the clip- medium wigs cost $35, so you’re essential getting a clip for free. If you’d like we can send you just the base wig, but it’ll still cost $35.

  5. Wowzy i got this wig and put it on without a wig cap and it looked good, with a wig cap it just looked like natural dry hair and then i treated it and it looked amazing wow this wig is great I’m wearing it pretty often thanks this wig is amazing

  6. Do you think this wig could be used for Zhu-li from The Legend of Korra? If not, do you have a wig that is similar to her hairstyle?

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