38 thoughts on “Outrageous Boots Rawk Kiss

  1. Would this wig also work for vriska serket from homestuck? And other homestuck characters with long black hair like aradia, feferi, porrim, etc?

    1. This one is best for Vriska, as it’s got a lot of layering on the top and can be easily spiked. As for the others, it depends on how you interpret their hair. This one could work for them with styling (it’s heat-resistant so you can put curls/waves in it) but my preferences are:
      For Aradia and Feferi: http://thefivewits.net/2011/07/moon-transformation-catgirl/ without the clip-in buns
      For Porrim: the base only for http://thefivewits.net/2012/10/gothic-lolipocalypse-none-more-black/

  2. oh wow, is it really just 56cm long? I would have guessed at least 80cm… does that mean it’s actually shorter than arda’s luthien?

  3. Hmmm… I’m working on a fem!Merlin cosplay right now, and am trying to decide on a wig, as well as wig style! Would you recommend this wig or the Timeless Nippon Jet Classic, with the bangs styled accordingly? (Love the site, by the way! My friend highly recommends you, so this will be my first purchase!)

  4. My husband and I are doing 2 different cosplays on 2 different days: I’m going to be Rinoa from FFVIII the first day, and the 2nd day I’ll be Levy and he’ll be Gajeel from Fairy Tail. I was wondering if you think this would be okay to use to Rinoa (and after a bit of styling) Gajeel? Or if you might have a better suggestion…Thank you! ^_^

  5. I bought this wig and absolutely love it! It’s the third one I’ve bought from this site and it is positively amazing! Very good quality fibers and worked perfectly for my Marceline the Vampire Queen cosplay!

  6. Wanted to ask your opinion.. I am doing a disney cosplay and I am going as melody from the little mermaid 2.. Would this wig work for her hair or do you have something else that would work better?

    1. My gosh, that’s some voluminous hair! If there’s going to be one wig that works for that, this one might be it since it has enough volume… It should be back within two weeks, maybe closer to a week with any kind of luck!

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