66 thoughts on “Adamant Light Nenya Bling

  1. hello, I would buy the wig Galadriel. tomorrow i will make the payment. how long will the wig? I live in Italy. Thank you.

  2. I just received this wig and it is GORGEOUS!! I don’t want to take it off!! This will be absolutely perfect for my Galadriel cosplay for Dragon*Con this year!!’

  3. Hello. I live in Spain, and I’d like to know if the shipping would be too expensive, because I am like dying to get this wig but I think I can only afford it if the price is 40$.

    1. The shipping would be between $8 to $20 extra, on top of the $40 the wig already costs. It would probably take two to three weeks for the wig to get to Spain.

  4. Do you think this wig could be combed out a little to make looser curls, to give more of an appearance of wavy hair?

  5. Hi there,

    I’m looking into purchasing this wig and another, but need it for the 21st at the latest. I have emailed but haven’t received an answer yet. I would love to know if this is possible, and in stock before buying.

    Thank you!

    1. Hello! I’m sorry, we’ve been busy preparing and heading out to a convention! I just sent an answer to your email.

  6. Hi! Is it possible to order this wig NOW even though it’s out of stock and wait for it to be shipped when it’s back? Or shall I wait until it’s restocked on the site? Just curious.

    1. Sorry, you must wait until it is back in stock. To avoid confusion and shipping thing. it should be back in stock soon.

  7. This wig is absolutely perfect for Galadriel! It even got the title for the best Galadriel Wig at all! 😀
    And after two days on convention it’s still in very good condition, it tangled only a little :3

    1. It’s back in stock now, and shipping to western Europe usually takes about two weeks. Much of the time of shipment depends on customs wait times in your country, which are beyond our control.

  8. Would you say that this or the Art Bomb Zodiac Star is better for Princess Kenny from the South Park game?

  9. I’m torn between this one and Vocal Sight Glam Cat for Rapunzel from Tangled (I intend to braid it and clip flowers in like she does while she’s in the town going to see the lanterns) – any advice? Or is there one I’ve missed that would be even better?

  10. I’d like to order this wig for my wife for Halloween. What would the average shipping time to New York City be?


  11. This is definitely the best looking Galadriel wig I’ve come across while putting together my cosplay. It says that it is temporarily out of stock– do you know or have an estimate of when it will be available again? If not, that’s ok. I’ll just keep checking back. Thanks!

      1. I ordered this as soon as I saw that it was back, just got it in the mail yesterday, and it looks fantastic! Exactly what I needed C:

  12. Is there anyway to be emailed or notified when this comes back in stock? Thank you! This wig is perfect for Galadriel!

    1. Yep. I’m going to reply to all of the comments made here asking about its restock once it’s back, as well as announcing it on our Facebook and Twitter.

        1. This wig came in the mail yesterday and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t want to take it off. With a little styling this is going to be absolutely perfect for my Galadriel cosplay!

  13. Hi,
    I’ would like to order the wig..but I have a question!
    Do you know the size of the cap?
    I’ve got too many hair, and sometimes the wigs don’t fit for me 🙂

    1. Our wigs are one size fits most! If you wear a wig cap to keep your hair down, most people have no problem wearing the wigs. We do test all of our wigs on someone with a 24″ head circumference and a lot of hair, and they work fine. There is nothing about it that makes it particularly smaller than other wigs, like an integral ponytail, though. If you have other wigs of ours then this will fit well.

    2. I have very thick hair that comes to about the middle of my back and I have no problem wearing this wig with a wig cap. It fits great, not too tight or too loose. It’s a great wig!! 🙂

  14. My original wig got too tangled for me to use anymore, but it’s out of stock so I can’t buy it! Do you guys know when it will be back in stock? ???? thanks!

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