21 thoughts on “black braid clips

    1. They’ll be back in stock in about three weeks. To order them with a wig just add them to your cart and then go add to cart the wig you want before checking out- PayPal will keep track of your cart until you check out.

  1. Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to let the braids out, and about where the braids fall to. I can’t really tell with my phone. If the braids cannot be taken out, do you have any black wigs that are about knee length? Or any wigs about that length?

  2. I second the question about un-braiding them! They look like they could be put to work for Kitana from Mortal Kombat in her ponytail/braid days, but they’re so thin, I was hoping they could be un-braided and re-braided looser to plump them out. Whatcha think? Thanks!

    ps- I miss you guys.

  3. How long will these be out of stock? I have a con to go to soon and I would like to order this as soon as possible.

  4. Hey! I was wondering when theyd be back in stock I am going to cosplay meenah and need them soon! I know youve been asked this about a billion times hehe. Please answer back soon! Id really appreciate it.

    1. Remedy this: make that the 23rd. I’d like to have it in time for a Halloween Cosplay meetup I want to attend if at all possible.

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