7 thoughts on “Teatime Loli Ruffle Encounter

  1. Are there any buns from another wig that would match with this one? I think this base would look great for Jinora from The Legend of Korra but I would need a matching bun for it to work.

  2. Would this base wig work for Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite? I’m trying to do her Lady Comstock outfit and can’t quite find the right bob wig.

  3. 4/5
    I ordered this wig almost 6 months ago, and only recently discovered that the 2nd ponytail is not the same! I believe it is a mistake and possibly from this one (http://thefivewits.net/2013/06/battling-rose-may-echo/).
    However, the other curly pony tail is very fluffy and fun and cute. The overall texture is very nice and natural feeling, and the curly ponytails are relatively tangle free. There is a small skin cap on the center.

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