27 thoughts on “Firelight Loli Ruffle Encounter

  1. Please let us know when you have more in stock. Can’t wait to get my daughter a new wig for Sana from “Kodocha”! Thanks, Jo

  2. Do you have any idea dates wise when this might possibly be back in stock? I know I have fallen in love with this wig and want it quite a bit and I have a friend who was really wanting this one too. I’ve been stalking it here for some time hoping that it would come back in stock or that I’d find a date on it sometime. Any info would be helpful!

  3. Hey, so I am doing a World of Warcraft cosplay of a blood elf, in the ponytail look, with a LOT of modifications…

    Well, long story short, this is the closest wig I can find in COLOR, but what I need is a bit more length and ONE ponytail that’s not curled…for the top-back of the wig. The rest of the wig length needs to hit about mid-chest. Including the bangs…

    Do you have any suggestions for which wig(s) or wig parts I ought to get from you guys?
    (I only EVER get wigs from you guys.)

  4. Hi, I’m still looking for a wig that is closer to medium length that is a color-match for the ponytails you show here…I haven’t heard from you yet, and I don’t know that I trust indoor versus outdoor pictures to give me an accurate guess…

    Would love to hear back soon!

  5. I love your wigs and I’m looking at buying this wig on my birthday for a South Italy Romano (Lovino Vargas) cosplay from Hetalia as well as Fem!Romano this wig is perfect the only thing missing is the curl~!

  6. Would it be possible to straighten the pigtails on this wig? I’m looking for one for a 2P!Fem!England cosplay and this is the best I’ve seen <3

  7. How difficult would you all say the base of Firelight Loli Ruffle Encounter would be to style for Kurama Shinjirou from Kamisama Kiss??

  8. i bought a wig like this at youmacon. i cant remember what booth it was at, were you guys at youmacon this year? im trying to see if my wig is heat resistant but i dont want to assume i got it here and ruin the wig.

    1. We were at Youmacon, and it’s heat resistant. (If you got a similar wig from Arda, I know their wigs are heat resistant too. I don’t know about any other vendors’ wigs for sure.)

  9. Do you think this wig (just the base) would work well for an Anastasia (the 1997 animated movie) cosplay. I was thinking of styling it in a way that gives the illusion of an up do.

    1. I think the color’s great for it! If you’re thinking about doing an updo, the ponytail clips may be a good idea, though. We’ve had people wrap the hair around the ponytail clip and use that for an updo style – it gives a lot of extra volume. I think the base only would work well for her hat style for sure.

  10. I’m super excited for this wig, it’s going to be perfect for Anya from Anastasia, but I just want to ask that 1: is it back in stock? and 2: if it’s at all possible to buy only one of the ponytails instead of buying two? Thanks very much!

    1. Yep, we do have some in stock. You technically could buy just one ponytail, but it’d be the same price as the full set (normally you can buy one ponytail a la carte for $15 and two for $25, but when you buy it with the base wig you get a discount for not breaking up a set.)

      If you decide you really only want one ponytail even though it’d be the same price, just add the full set in and specify only one ponytail on checkout. 🙂

      1. Thanks for the reply! Sorry for my late response. My curiosity was mainly to see if it would be more affordable but if its the same then I may as well get two in case I screw up! Thanks very much, I’ll be buying one asap! (hopefully they’re still in stock at this point!)

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