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  1. I hope this isn’t a bother, but would it be possible to get this style of wig in black? I’m wanting to do Rizzo-esque hair for a cosplay, but need the hair to be black. Thank you for your time

    1. That depends on where you live! As it says in our FAQ, standard ground shipping usually takes a week or less to locations in the continental US. Priority shipping will take about 3 days. Express shipping is overnight to most US locations. (If you live in Hawai’i or Alaska, allow a little more time for shipping.)

  2. This is probably a silly question, but I need this wig in a different shade of brown, so I’d be dyeing it if I were to buy it. My question is, once washed out, will it retain those perfect curls and waves?

    1. I am honestly not sure! We have not tried washing out this particular wig. Though anything styled with heat, as this is, should retain its styled shape until heat is applied again. If washed in warm rather than hot water, the curls ought to stay.

    1. Depending on the lighting and screenshot, it’s just a little light than Will’s hair. We recommend brushing it out to make it fluff, and that will add volume all the way around. For thicker hair we highly recommend a wig cap.

      If you don’t feel like this one is perfect, we’ve got another wig that we think works better for Will in the works. It should be up in about two weeks.

  3. Hey there! I’m a cosplayer who’s just about to create my costume for Will Graham and this wig is really great for him, though I am worried that it is a tad too light brown. Is the colour of the wig exactly as on the first three pictures?

  4. I was wondering that if I buy this wig from you today or tomorrow, would I get it before the 26th? I live in Charleston SC and this is the only website I can find decent cosplay and costume wigs.

    1. We ship out orders on the next business day after we receive them. How long it takes to get to you after we’ve sent it depends on where you live and what shipping you select, which is listed in detail on our FAQ.

  5. Is it “one size fits all” or “most”? Because I have a big head and I’m concerned it won’t fit.

    1. It is one size fits most, as there have been people with big heads and very long dreadlocks that we haven’t been able to fit wigs on at conventions. But it’s a pretty rare occurrence, the wig’s cap is quite stretchy and has adjustable straps.

  6. Hello, are you planning on making this wig in a shade fit for Frodo Baggins? I’d really like to cosplay as him, and this wig would be perfect for it if it was in a different darker shade.

  7. Hello~
    Got a little question. I just got your wig I purchased for my Bilbo cosplay but I find it a bit too dark. I’ve seen a lot of ways to lighten it (e.g. baby powder, sharpies) but I’m afraid if I comb it the curls will be destroyed. Do you know a good way to lighten it without damaging the curls. I love the curls.
    Thank you very much!

    1. I do not know a good way to lighten our wigs at all- we tried leaving one in a vat of bleach for three days, and it didn’t lighten at all.
      The curls are an easier fix- our wigs are heat resistant, so once dry they can be restyled with a normal curling iron.

    1. I searched the name and email you used here and couldn’t find any orders of this wig under it for the last few wigs. 🙁 Is this your PayPal-associated email? When did you order exactly, and was it an order of this wig?

    1. Oh, I see it now. It’s because your order was standard international- two weeks is usual for western Europe, but we have no control over how long customs may hold packages. If your order still isn’t there by the end of the month, let us know.

    1. To fit thick hair under a wig, I recommend plaiting it into two or more braids and then flattening the braids in opposite directions on your head, with the goal of getting your hair as flat as possible. Then cover your braids with a wig cap– with a cap, you probably won’t need as many bobby pins as normal, if any at all. If the braids system is too work intensive, you can just separate your hair into several parts and twist it loosely into soft ropes and flatten them to your head the same way.

  8. Is there anyway to get this in a darker colour? I am looking to cosplay Frodo but I am afraid this may be too light of a brown. Do you have one similar in a darker colour?

    1. We did capture the color for this wig directly from screenshots of Frodo for maximum cosplay accuracy, however in the light (the bright sunlight in which these pictures are taken) it can look a little lighter than it looks in the swatch, which is truer to how it looks inside.

      However, Wendigo Dream Dog Collector is a shade darker.

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