7 thoughts on “Gothic Lolipocalypse None More Black

  1. i am doing a lolita jade harley from homestuck, and i was wondering if you think this wig would work. im absolutely in love with the wig, but i am also cosplaying aradia and meulin from homestuck later on, do you think the ponytails would cause to much of a fuss for those characters, and would the wig still love good as them?

    1. You might want to trim the bangs a little bit for Jade, but it should work! Even with trimmed bangs, the wig should still work for Aradia and Meulin too when you take the clip-on ponytails off.

  2. Hi! My friend is cosplaying Lotus from 999 and I was wondering if the two clip on ponytails could be stacked to create a thicker ponytail?

    1. They can be stacked! It looks a little unwieldy but it can be done. For a more permanent solution, try unsewing one of the ponytail wefts from its clip and sewing them together into one mega-weft.

  3. Do you think this wig (without the ponytails) is a good choice for Blake Belladonna from Rwby, or should I go for something with a little bit less curl?

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