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Here’s some photos of customers who’ve used our wigs for their cosplay. If your picture is up here and you want it either credited (cosplayer, photographer, both) and linked to you or taken down entirely, please let us know! This page is a work in progress, so keep sending pictures! You guys make this job the best!! <3

Many more photos below the cut! Last updated March 20, 2014.

21 thoughts on “Customer Gallery

    1. Yay! XD Glad you still follow our site. I can credit the photo with your name or website if you like.
      Also, uh, do you remember which wig that was? XD;; I wanted to also put your photo on its wig’s page, but I can’t recall which wig it is… was it a Hey Hey Viva Geographica?

  1. I was asked a few months ago at Anime Next to post a picture on my Flash Sentry Wig that I made from A Cobalt Fairy Wig BUt It wasn’t until Otakon that I finally got a pic that showed off my hair well. The wig was Edited by adding on a cloth hairline and I also unsewed alot of the wefts and resewed them upside down to get the right lift, but it was really thanks to the pure thickness of this wig I was able to properly do the spiking

  2. I never thought…I should submit pictures of myself in my Armin cosplay when I get better pictures in full cosplay. The wig is great and the styling I did would look REALLY good on the wig’s page since it looks so accurate.

  3. Could you guys sorta sort this / label which wig is used for each photo? Some are pretty obvious but it would be easier to compare 2 different wigs.

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