40 thoughts on “Emotionally Stunted Bullet Ballet

  1. Are there pictures of someone who has used this for Jack Frost? Would it have to be cut or straightened? This site was recommended to me by a friend, so I don’t know its scope; can I have the wig cut for a fee?

    1. We don’t have any pictures of this being styled for Jack Frost, but it’s got enough material that it could easily be cut and straightened down to his style. We don’t do wig styling, though, sorry! 🙁

        1. They are not exactly the same shade of white (Action Iced is a bit brighter and
          ‘snowier’ than Emotionally Stunted, which is more silvery), and this wig is the much thicker of the two.

  2. Would I be able to straighten this wig without damaging it that much?? I’m working on a Jack Frost cosplay and this wig is on my top 3 for the one I’ll buy. XD Thanks so much for your time!

        1. Hm….Clear’s hair is so weird and fluffy. There is a style of wig that we have that is the perfect style but in black and it does not work to bleach these wigs. So, sigh.
          But this wig is a slightly off white and shorter and poofier and stands up a lot easier than Action Iced Demon Slayer.
          Action Iced demon slayer is a very pure white and is a bit longer, it’s not as easy to make stand up but wit would be easy with a little styling products.
          Hm….I’d have to reccoment Action Iced Demon Slayer because of length and colour, but if you are going to any cons soon you could come the booth and see the wigs.The next two cons they are attending are SakuraCon in Washington State and AnimeCentral in Illnois.

    1. I actually got this wig for Clear, and it works perfectly. I can easily style it around the gas mask and it only takes a bit of fluffing to make it look accurate. I like how it’s not super bright white because my coat is a little less bright, but that might just be personal preference.

      1. Ah, ok, it’s nice to have someone else’s opinion. It is just my personal opinion, but it’s all up to the person getting it.

  3. I’m sure you get questions like this a ton, but I was just wondering (after searching a ton of sights and no where coming closer than this), do you think this wig would work for Tommy Shepherd of the Young Avengers?

  4. Is this wig easily dyed? I’m considering using it for Prince Baldur from Etrian Odyssey IV, but I’d need to dip-dye a small part of the bangs red.

      1. Thank you, just wanted to make sure! I only need a very small part colored, so I probably won’t use a bang clip. Thanks for the recommendation, though!

  5. Would this wig work well for Joshua from TWEWY? His hair color is so inconsistent, but I think this is a good style ;o;

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