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  1. Is it possible to cut this in half between the clips? I wanna do Carlos from Welcome to Night Vale and i don’t really need 5 feet of silver Arda wefts. ;;;;;;;;

    1. We’re not entirely sure- we haven’t tried doing so yet. You may need to tack or tape down a few wefts, and I’m not sure how secure just one clip would be.
      If you can find any tutorials on sewing bits of weft into a wig, buying one of these, taking it apart from its clips and sewing the wefts into another wig might look nicer; though that’d be a lot of work!

  2. Silly question…but do you think you could use these for the back of a wig? I have a character who the back bottom part of his hair is green and I’m having trouble. @ n @

  3. Do these work well for wefts and styling (or possibly spiking)? I have this wig that is in badly need of wefts on the top of the head, and these look like the perfect length 😀

    1. Wefts and styling, yes; but spiking probably not so much (the fibers are fairly smooth, unlike the rougher fibers on easy-to-spike wigs) though we have not tried it.

    1. There are two little comb-like snap-clips that hold the bang clip to any hair or wig fibers. They click open and shut with gentle pressure from your thumbs. Just click them open, slide the clip into place, and click them shut.

  4. I’m going to be at Anime Central this year, and I was hoping to get a blonde bang clip for my Belphegor cosplay, but it doesn’t appear I can order it. Will there be some at the convention, and could I get one reserved if so?

    1. Oops! I didn’t realize the blonde one wasn’t on the options menu. 😡 It’s available for ordering again as the yellow option.

      1. I don’t know if it’s too late to order or not, considering the convention is in two days! Will there be some available at the convention?

  5. How does the blonde bang clip compare on the Blondie’s moving chocolate obsession color I wanted to increase the volume of the bangs.

    1. We’ve got one left, so if you’d like to order that one then just choose any of the bang clips currently available, order it, but include a note in Instructions To Sender that you’d like the aqua clip instead. We probably won’t have any more than that one until next year! 🙁

  6. Would it work to, say, add the blond bang clip onto the Loaded Manpain Tiger Pie wig to get something like Steve Rogers from The First Avenger?

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