17 thoughts on “Goddess Of Feels

    1. I ordered the wig and the thickness is very nice! I was very impressed. You cannot see through the wig, which was a problem I saw on Amazon.

  1. I purchased this earlier in the year (around March I believe?) and it was worth the 50 bucks! It’s just the right color and is very good quality! I got so much compliments on the wig! It’s very comfortable to wear (worn it for ten hours straight, no problems!) and I really recommend getting this if you’re cosplaying this character! 🙂

  2. I am very impressed by the wig! I have recieved it and it is exactally as shown. The thickness is very impressive (other wigs I have seen on Amazon had reviews saying that they were too thin) and the sutle waviness is very niceOrder was also delivered in a very timely manner. I will definitly order from here again!

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