15 thoughts on “Copper Condescending Cantripping Necromancer

  1. Exactly what I’ve been looking for! Jade’s hair colour is an annoying one; in some pictures, it looks just brown but it looks a bit gingery in others. This wig looks like it strikes a good balance between brown and gingery.
    What type of fiber is this wig made out of? Kanekalon?
    I’m very interested in buying this!

  2. I’m looking for a wig for Liz (Soul Eater). Would this be a good one? Or would 5Wits have a wig that would work better for this character?

  3. I didn’t find a feedback box from this site, so just leaving this here: I used this for Jennifer Wilson from BBC Sherlock and I got a lot of praise because of it. People didn’t realise it wasn’t real hair before I started to fix it and I was asked a lot where I bought it and how I afforded it since they assumed a wig that length and quality would be at least $50.
    I had to tell the real price and how long the shipping costs were to Finland and ended up giving the link to at least twelve people 😀

  4. I’m also trying to find a wig for Medusa from Soul Eater….this seems to be my best option? Totally open for suggestions ^_^;;

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