21 thoughts on “Strategic Star Crack Shot

  1. This would be a great Kyoko wig to replace the other discontinued Kyoko wig in Puella Magi. Super pretty!

  2. Is the ponytail a clip on? Or is it made into a ponytail like that. I plan to use it for my Kyoko Sakura from Puella Magi Madoka Magica cosplay.

  3. Would i be possible to buy a second, seperate pontail for this? You don’t seem to have a red Loli Ruffle Encounter, and, well, thgis with a second ponytail might be the next best thing.

  4. Uguu I want this wig so bad, it’s gorgeous and perfect for my rave outfit.

    Can you bring this to your booth at Otakon? I’ll purchase it sometime before the saturday night rave at the latest.

  5. Hello! I was wondering two things, is this wig heat resistant and when do you suppose you will be in stock again?

    1. We probably won’t get a dark blue one unless a published series shows up with a character that has that sort of hair. 🙁
      Luckily, we’re going to eventually have a version of this wig in silver-white, so when that comes out you could dye it with wig or sharpie dye.

  6. Just ordered this for Kyoko from Madoka Magcia, I haven’t gotten it yet, but I’m super excited, I’ve ordered a few wigs from you guys before and I they’re all good. But as you say that you chose this wig partially for Kyoko, I think you should probably tag it for that so people looking for Madoka Magica wigs can find it more easily 🙂

  7. I just received the wig today and it is really gorgeous, silky and great color. There was a bit of confusion where I recived the base wig only first but that was cleared up very quickly and I was sent the ponytail, which is lovely. Also good customer service. Five stars 🙂

    1. It could work, but we’ve also got a wig coming up that works even better for Kou- it also works for her brother, when worn without the ponytail. It’ll be called Ocean Tricep Swim Fan, and I’ll inform you here when it’s up.

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