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  2. Hi! My sister ordered this wig for me last night, with standard shipping, and I was wondering; how long will it be until it gets here? I live in Michigan

  3. I got my wig a few weeks ago, and it is really wonderful! A bit darker than I thought it’d be, but thats okay. I was wondering, is there anyway to keep it pulled back easier?

  4. That looks awesome! how long does it take, on average, delivery wise? I’m in Maryland if that helps.

  5. Hi I tried ordering this wig on Friday and it took the money off of my card, but now the money is back. Did the transaction not go through? Should I order again? Please help

    1. We got the payment, shipped the wig, and sent a confirmation email on July 2. You should have received a confirmation email at this email address.

    1. Most of our customers in Great Britain, Western Europe, and Australia have received their merchandise in around two weeks, so probably two weeks.
      Other locations, especially in South America, have taken longer, often around four weeks. Much of the time of shipment depends on customs wait times in your country, which are beyond our control.

    1. This wig has the same size interior circumference as our other wigs and is pictured on a model with 23″ inch head and two feet of hair. It has adjustable straps on the inside edge so it can be tightened for smaller heads.

  6. If I order tonight what day will it get here? I live in Washington and stupidly procrastinated my costume for Aki con in 3 weeks. :3

    1. If you order the wig tonight, even with just standard shipping they should get there in time- standard shipping usually takes about a week within the continental US.

  7. I was wondering, because I’ve been looking everywhere for a good Levy wig, what kind of fiber is it made out of? Can it be restyled? Sorry about all the questions, I’m just curious before buying. Thanks!

    1. It’s made of heat-resistant hiperlon fiber. It can’t be restyled to not be swept away from the face, but if by styling you mean spiked or curled, it can certainly do that.

      1. Thanks for the answer! I ordered my wig on Sunday and I was wondering, because I paid through PayPal if I’ll get a tracking number? I don’t know if I supplied my email when ordering. Thanks again, I can’t wait to receive the wig!

  8. This is awesome, I’ve been looking all over for a wig for my Levy cosplay! I was wondering, is it thick enough to be pulled into a ponytail like she sometimes wears it? Just curious.

  9. I love it!!! I just got it in the mail yesturday and it is going to be perfect for my Levy McGarden Cosplay! 😀 Thank you so much!

  10. I was wondering when this wig would be back in stock? I’ve checked this website rather dedicatedly for awhile now and it’s still not in.

  11. I actually just started reading Fairy Tail and been dying to get a wig for Levy, and was wondering if you guys would be at AnimeNEXT again this year. That’s the next con I’d be able to go to and would really love to buy it while there if so.

  12. Hello i was wondering when you will have Levy’s wig back in stock?
    Thank you much for having this wig available for cosplayers!

  13. Hello! I was wondering when you would be getting more of Colbat Fairy Code Writer wig, I am planning to do a Levy cosplay soon and I was wanting to order this wig to use for the cosplay.

  14. Hello, I was wondering if you knew when this wig would be back in stock? I’m really interested in buying it. Thank you!

  15. I recently received my Levy wig and I am happy to say that it is wonderful! The wig quality is lovely, and I was completely worried about the hairline looking unatural but it look great! The money was worth it and I will defiantly be buying a wig from here again.

  16. Hi I was just wondering how long it would take to ship. I live in California. It seems perfect for my cosplay. Thanks ^-^

  17. Hello 🙂
    I’ve cosplayed Levy a few times, but I was never satisfied with the color of my wigs (too dark blue or neon-colored blue…). The pictures are really great..is this a sky blue or how could you define the color?
    greetings Dornie 🙂

  18. Hey! My sister ordered this wig for me on new years eve, and we’ve already gotten the email saying that it’s been shipped. Approximately how many business will the wig take to get to Canada?

    1. We are expecting it within two weeks, but it will also be available at AnimeNext. (Although con stock is limited and we never know what’s going to arbitrarily sell out early, so it’s never a bad idea to order online.)

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