32 thoughts on “Major Sailor Saturn Cyborg

  1. So I was wondering if this would be a good wig for Terezi Pyrope from Homestuck. Any thoughts? :3 I’m planning on cosplaying her at AnimeUSA this year.

    1. Hm… out of all of our wigs, this is probably the closest to her hair. Do note, however, that it’s got subtle dark purple highlights in it.

    1. It should work! You’d probably want to poof out the upper part a bit and use a hair iron to flip out the bottom longer bits and then hair spray those in place, but it’s a good base for Rukia. 🙂

  2. Do you think this wig would work for Nepeta from Homestuck? Of course, with a bit of styling and maybe shortening it a bit… Or would you recommend a different wig? Planning to cosplay as her at Dragon*Con.

  3. Hey I was wondering if this would would for an Equius cosplay? N If I’d be able to use a straightener to make the ends not flip outwards.

  4. I was thinking this for a leilei/hsein-ko from darkstalkers. how would you get that flare to hold? just gel and spray or something more mechanical?

  5. Hi, I was wondering how noticeable the purple highlights are? I’m doing a Gregory Violet cosplay and this is perfect for it.

      1. Oh okay! That’s perfect. I was really hoping it was a flat black. I just love all your wigs and really hoped I could use this.

    1. Getting a ponytail that high on the head would be very tough to style without the wefts showing due to the wig fibers being pulled up that high. If you were alright with putting the ponytail lower, it might work.

  6. Is it possible to still get the wig with the purple highlights? I’m actually cosplaying Sailor Saturn, so that would be the best fit for her, rather than what appears to be a brownish-black here.

    1. We unfortunately don’t stock it with the highlights any longer, having opted to go with a more generically applicable straight black. Sorry!

  7. Do you think that this wig would be short enough for Aranea after being curled? Or would I have to trim it beforehand?

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