14 thoughts on “Telekinetic Crimson Armored Knight

    1. Yes, it would work for Grell. It’s not quite as long as our Crimson Shinigami explosion, but that might be a good thing!

  1. Since Rogue is sometimes shown with red hair instead of brown (like in “Marvel vs Capcom”), adding the white bang clip to this wig would work for those who prefer it that way.

  2. Hi there,

    Just curious but I wanted to order this wig for an Ariel cosplay. Do you think the fringe would style well for her? The wigs I buy from here usually don’t need much styling, I usually just need to run my fingers through it and it fluffs up perfectly but I’ve never worked on a fringe like hers. What do you think?


  3. I bought this wig for my Grell cosplay. I layered it a little and spiked it and it worked beautifully!! I didn’t order the wig you guys have specifically for Grell because it would almost reach to my ankles XD

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