37 thoughts on “Loli Blonde Effervescence

  1. I love this color! Do you guys think that you will be able to get a wig that is styled similar to this, but is fairly medium-long, and is instead made as a hairstyle that is usually left down?

  2. Would you recommend this wig, besides the color, for my friend’s Anise Tatlin cosplay?

    1. It’s the perfect shape/style, though you’d need to use either sharpie dye or wig dye to change the color. Ordinary hair dye won’t stick to the wigs properly.

  3. I suppose when the “Plaid Slice Scythe Meister” runs out for good, “Red Dragon Inn” cosplayers could consider this an alternative for Wizgille.

  4. Hi! i have this wig and i love it, however i want to purchase an extra set of the ponytails but i want to straighten them. Would it work if the ponytails are pre-curled?

    1. Yep. The curls aren’t held in place with glue or anything (and even if they were, glue could be washed out) so you could just take a hair straightener to the curls and flatten them out.

  5. With a bit of trimming, this wig works perfectly for Dave Strider! I’ve tried three others before it, but they were all too fluffy or a weird color. Cutting this wig was the best cosplay decision that I’ve ever made!

  6. I love how this only took two days to get to my house after ordering. ^o^
    Couldn’t wait to try it on, and it looks awesome! Thanks so much!

  7. Do you know when this wig will be back in stalk? 😮 It’s the best one I’ve been able to find for my Harley Quinn this halloween D:

  8. Hello! Is there an estimated re-stock date? Just curious- no rush- but I’d like to snag one before it’s gone again 🙂

  9. Hello! I was wondering whether this wig would work for hiyoko saionji from super dangan ronpa two? I was thinking of using either this wig or the sunlight loli ruffle encounter, both with a lot of styling. I’m mainly concerned with the thickness and length of the ponytails. Thank you!

    1. I think this might be a closer match. The ponytails will end up a bit shorter than canon, but I think it’d be easier to get a lot of body with these tails, and the color’s a bit paler than Sunlight Loli.

  10. I was wondering if this wig could be used for Mami Tomoe? I noticed that the Rifle Tragedy Plume wasn’t on here anymore, so maybe if the ponytails were repositioned and maybe straightened and curled again it could work for her??

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