15 thoughts on “Sunlight Loli Ruffle Encounter

  1. Just wondering how this wig will sit with glasses. I’m contemplating buying it for a lolita outfit, but I’m not sure how my glasses will look with it :/ I’ve had issues in the past with the fringe sticking out funny.

  2. hi! i own this wig and i was wondering, (minus the pigtails) would it work for rose lalonde? i kind of want to trim it and color it a lighter color (in my headcanon she has more of a platinum blonde) would cutting it and dyeing it ruin it? and if i can cut it, how can i do that without messing it up? (same question for dyeing c: thank you very much!)

    1. Well, the base of this wig has some longer bits to it, so it could be trimmed up without wrecking it. However, dying wigs paler can’t be done with our wigs- we once left a wig in a pan of bleach for three days as a test, and it didn’t lighten at all. 🙁
      Depending on how light of a blonde you’re looking for, try Lady Dismemberment Sword Arm, Yosh! Princely Hero Type (I know it’s listed for Dave, but they are ectotwins after all), or Big D@!m Hero Chill.

  3. I was wondering if this wig would be good for an Alice in Wonderland cosplay. I am doing a Steampunk Alice cosplay and I was jumping back and forth between the lighter blonde one and this one.

  4. I think this wig might work better for an Elizabeth Midford cosplay as her hair is longer than the wig she is currently tagged on, I just wish this option was available in a lighter blonde colour. To get true to canon you would just have to buy an extra set of the pigtails as she has 4 instead of 2. Things that I will forever glare at when styling a wig for her. Her pigtails are two on either side of her head and drills. I did want to ask before ordering this wig though, what type of glue do you suggest for your wigs? I love the way the Mami wig drills look so I would like to do something similar to that with her drills but wanted your advice on how to achieve that effect. Thank you!

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