Blondie’s Moving Chocolate Obsession

This short blond wig with bangs is good for Mello from Death Note, Shiemi from Blue Exorcist, Belphegor from Reborn!, Armin Artlet from Attack On Titan, and blond Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle. The average length of the fibers is 8″ (20 cm). For a similar wig without cut-across bangs, try our Mellow Jazz Sorcerer Solo.

You can find this wig here!


    1. We usually send them out on the next business day. Most of our customers in Western Europe have received their merchandise in around two weeks. Much of the time of shipment depends on customs wait times in your country, which are beyond our control.

  1. Just got this cute sucker in today! It was my first purchase here, and I was not disappointed! 😀 Thanks so much! This works better than I thought it would for my Attack On Titan cosplay!

    Also, I can’t stop petting it. It’s soooo soft. omg. *^* <3

  2. I really want to order this but 8″ is so short! It looks so much longer in the picture? Where does this 8 inches start? At the center of my head?

  3. I was wondering if I ordered it to day when would the approximate time it arrived be? I live in California in the US so how long do you think it would take?

  4. Hi! I had a question about the bangs of the wig. In the first picture the bangs appear feathery, but in other pictures they look chunky and cut straight across. I just wanted to know which way the wig is originally? If it is cut straight across as a default, could you please tell me how you got the bangs to look so feathery and realistic as in the first picture?

  5. I bought this wig ages ago for Mello after my old wig literally fell apart. Not only is it the softest wig I have ever owned but also one of my favorites! I use it quite often for those ‘bad hair-days’ and honestly…you guys always have the highest quality wigs. This is seriously the best wig I have ever OWNED! Thank you so much for carrying this.

  6. Hello. I’m from Russia, and I have a question for you: do you send this wig in Russia? And how much will it cost with shipping?
    Sorry for my English.

    1. We can send it to Russia! Standard international shipping costs $9-$25 for a single wig. The exact cost of shipping depends on the weight of the wig.
      Don’t worry, your English is fine. 🙂

  7. Hi!
    I bought this wig just a little over a week ago and received it so quickly! I live in Sweden so I was expecting it to take much longer, however despite using the standard shipping methods I got it super fast. At once I can tell you that this is by far the best wig that I have ever owned! I bought it to replace my old Armin wig, and I have no regrets. It’s incredibly soft and very thick, the color is also very pretty and natural – it fits the character perfectly. My only complain is that the wig is a little thinner in the bangs-area, as the weave can be seen if the hair is swept to the side in a way that makes the front too thin. This may not be unusual for a wig, but considering this doesn’t happen on the rest of the wig it’s a little disappointing. However! This is not a big problem if the bangs are combed properly, which is why I’m still incredibly satisfied with my purchase!
    Overall I would definitely recommend this wig and I will definitely return to this site for future wig-shopping!

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