152 thoughts on “Death by Smoking Butterfly

    1. We hope so? ^^; Sorry, our delivery date on the restock isn’t exact- it’ll be three months (so June-ish) at most, but hopefully it will arrive before that!

  1. Hey, how did you style it to be like Gamzee Makara’s hair (or Kurloz) without using hair spray? :)?

    1. The girl holding it in the photo just styled it with her hands. You kind of twist the wig fiber into spikes and it holds! This wig is magical when it comes to styling.

  2. Hello, do you have many of these in stock? I’d love to order, but unfortunately I’d have to wait about a week to place it. Just wondering if I’ll have to order sooner!

  3. I’m doing James Potter Cosplay. Do you think this wig will go. Maybe if you cut it a bit?
    Thanks for your help.

    1. You can wash this; and any of our wigs, in a bowl of water with a bit of baby shampoo. Let it soak a little. Swish it only gently, (and not enough to make new tangles, if you are washing a longer wig than this) and lightly finger comb any area that you need to work styling product back out of. Rinse, and lay out to dry on a towel. Once dry, it’s ready to comb and style again!

  4. Do you think this wig would work for Yuffie Kisaragi from FFVII? I’m having trouble finding a wig that matches her bob. :c Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

      1. Wow, Olivia, you are great! You beat me to the punch in answering. Yes, in fact the Super Master Genius Trainer was originally designed for L from Death Note, so it’s great for him. The Death by Smoking Butterfly is very styleable and could probably be made to work, but the bangs are not as in-your-face.

        1. Thanks. Honestly, I probably spend way too much time drooling over all the cosplay wigs I’d like to have here. Thought I’d help out a bit if I could, you guys seem so busy and behind on replying to comments sometimes. Hope you don’t mind. :3

          1. No, it’s fine! We love that you love our wigs. It’s con season, so we’re on the road with intermittent internet access most of the time, so we never mind a little help. 🙂

  5. Do this wig come with a bald cap? 🙂
    Also, how much is the shipping fee to Sweden?
    And, for the final question, how long will it take for me
    to get the wig? 🙂

    1. The wig cap doesn’t come with the wig, but we sell them separately for a dollar: http://thefivewits.net/2010/06/wig-cap/
      If you choose standard international shipping, which doesn’t include a tracking number, shipping to Sweden should be around $9-$12 for this wig. Our customers in Northern Europe normally get their packages in around 2 weeks, though customs can make it take longer. We do offer faster shipping which has a tracking number but costs a lot more (starts around $35).

  6. What is the maximum size of head this wig will fit? I have a big head and a ton of hair and it’s hard to find wigs big enough, so I need the measurements.

  7. Do you guys have manaquin heads or anything like that on the site? I just started doing this stuff and have nothing and do you still have these in stock?

  8. Hey, I bought this wig at the first Holiday Matsuri from you guys, and I just wanted to say, it was a really great purchase. It’s been my go-to wig for Mituna Captor ( http://www.acparadise.com/ace/display.php?p=268893 ) and John Egbert ( https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=322532377881656 ) from Homestuck, and I’ve gotten tons of compliments and people asking me where I bought it! I recommend this wig to people all of the time.

    (PS, if you ever stocked this wig in white, I would definitely buy it!)

  9. Hello! Is this wig (or any of your wigs, for that matter) suitable/adjustable for those cosplayers with larger heads?

    Thanks in advance!


    1. Nearly all of our wigs have adjustable straps on the inner edge and are quite stretchy, and we’ve helped fit them on a lot of head sizes. One of our regular models has a 24″ head and two feet of hair, for comparison.

  10. Wow, I’d just like to say I ordered this wig, and the delivery was super duper speedy! (All the way to the UK, too!) Not just that, but the wig itself is amazing and perfect in every way, and pretty darn versatile for several different characters <3 You guys are great, thank you so much. Definitely my new go-to store for wigs.

    1. It is a nice fluffy black wig that can be spiked up easily, and you can sew some red wefts into them- our red bang clips might be a little too short, but if they’re sufficient for you they could be detached from their clips and sewn in. Send us pictures if you finish it! 😀

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