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    1. I’m borrowing this wig for Jane Crocker cosplay. Since I’m borrowing it I didn’t use any product in it, and if you go to my Tumblr you can see the wig pushed up into a two gravity defying hair swoops.
      So that’s it the wig with zero product styled up! It might be able to go even higher too. This wig has a TON of volume and I’ll be buying my own once it gets back in stock.

  1. Hey this is the gamzee wig I styled for you guys at Holiday Matsuri!
    Trust me, anyone who reads this, it is a perfect gamzee wig. It can be pulled and styled flawlessley. if you don’t believe me, They have pictures of me actually styling it to look like Gamzee! (E-mail me when you guys get those pictures up!)

  2. Im getting this for my boyfriend for his cosplay of gamzee and i was just wondering what kind of styling tools would you use to make his hair go up like that?

    1. Well, that Gamzee example above was just styled by hand- you pull the hair upward and gently twist it into shape. For a permanent styling you’d want to hit it with hairspray after you got it into the shape that you wanted.

  3. Thanks for ordering! You’ll get an e-mail soon with your tracking number. If, as I’m guessing, you’re the one who ordered from Ohio, you should have the wig by the middle of next week.

    1. Hey, we just had a Death by Smoking Butterfly wig returned from Ohio, because the address in Paypal was wrong and they couldn’t deliver it. Was that you? I sent an email on Friday to the email listed in Paypal, and haven’t heard back yet. If it was you, please email us at thefivewits@thefivewits.net with the correct address so we can get your wig out to you again ASAP.

  4. I’m looking everywhere for a Karkat wig and I was wondering if this would work, do you think? After a bit of trimming, maybe I would guess. o_o

  5. Which do you think would be better for Genkishi from Reborn: this one or the ‘smoldering antihero’?

    1. Smoldering Antihero Type would work better, I think. While you could theoretically smooth out this wig, Smoldering comes already sleek.

  6. Okay, so I was wondering about the image, “hand-styled by Hanari into a Gamzee wig- no hair spray!” Is that for sale because I can’t style a wig like that and I was wanting to cosplay as Gamzee. Can anyone help me please?

    1. That particular styled one is not: Hanari bought that wig and styled it herself.
      We are not professional stylists and don’t style the wigs for people- largely because it would be really difficult to ship something styled safely- but we hear that Apple is good at styling wigs. 😀 You should check with her.

  7. Uh, hello. When will this wig be back in stock? I was at AnimeNEXT, NJ this summer and I stopped by the Five Wits’ booth. I found this wig absolutely perfect for Karkat Vantas from Homestuck, and have been waiting over two months for the next shipment. Please, I would love to see this wig back in stock. Thank you! c:

  8. Darn it! I was hoping to order this with another wig tonight since I noticed the other one was in limited stock .-.
    Now the tough decision of ordering one wig and waiting for the other or waiting to see if the other is still possibly in stock when these come in… Decisions decisions…

    1. Yep, it’d work. As you can see from the Gamzee-styled photo, it’s really easy to get it to spike how you want- she styled the wig like that with just her hands, no hairspray involved.
      (on an unrelated note I am very excited to see Kankri cosplayers at the next con! if you’re going to cosplay him at one of the cons we’ve got listed in the left sidebar please stop by and lecture us about blood stereotypes XDDD)

  9. The picture of that person styling the wig in to a Gamzee style…did she have to cut off much of the wig? Does she have a tutorial up for it ^^” ??

    1. She didn’t cut off any of it! 😀 That picture was taken after she just styled it with her hands at our table one con. I’m not sure if she has a tutorial anywhere, but hand styling is pretty easy.

  10. Hello! This a review on the wig. Okay I bought this for Gamzee and I’m just saying if you want an easy to style Gamzee wig..buy this one! I seriously got it all spiked and styled in under 10 minutes!

  11. Hello, what are your policies on returns? I ordered the wig not long ago (I’m being Gamzee for Halloween :o) ) and when I received it in the mail i went to put it on and it was too small for my head (note that I have an ungodly huge head and thick hair, so this is nothing new for me). So.. Is the wig refundable? It isn’t damaged at all or anything; in fact, it’s in quite perfect condition. sorry for the inconvenience. :o(

    1. We accept returns if the wig is unworn and in the original packaging. So, yes! Send it back to us, and when we receive it we will credit you the original purchase price. You only have to pay the cost of shipping it back and forth.

      1. Okay, I will send it back to you very soon (sorry for a bit of a late reply; I’ve been without internet)
        Thank you! 🙂

  12. I’m thinking of this wig + a white bang clip might be a good solution for a Black Jack wig. This seems to be the right length at the back and looks easy to fluff up. However I’m not really sure about how the bang clip would interact with it – is the bang clip fluffable at all? Would you see black through it? and would this wig be easy to style enough that I could comb black over the bang clip to make it look seamless? Since the white in Black Jack’s hair goes across the side too, I’m a little concerned I might need two bang clips?

    Sorry for the giant question but I would appreciate any advice!

    1. You’d probably want to go with two bang clips, especially if you want to fluff them a bit, and cover more of the head too. It is hard to disguise black hair under white hair, so using more is better than less.
      The clips are pretty easy; though you may want to pin or sew the bangs right onto the wefts of the wig for smoother integration. It will probably take some experimentation to get the way you like it. In short, it would be a project, not an insta-fix. If you’re up for that, yay! We can’t wait to see the results of your work.

      1. Thanks! I’m a wig noob but I’m willing to give this a go because this wig is the best fit I’ve found. And I’ve got plenty of time to experiment. Thanks for your reply, I’ll probably pick these up soon!

  13. Does anyone have better pictures of this wig or the Smouldering Anti-hero wig? Anyone? ;_;
    And how layery/poofy is this wig? I was planning on doing Red from Pokemon (pixiv red though) and was considering using this wig or the anti-hero wig but this one looks a bit too voluminous and the other looks too thin.

    1. This wig is quite layered and poofy, as shown by that styled up Gamzee wig photo. Super Master Genius Trainer is more layered in the back, whereas Smoldering is more long and smooth.
      I think Smoldering would work less well for Red. Super Master Genius Trainer is the one I’d recommend for the character.

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