12 thoughts on “Stygian Mineral Firearm Bearer

  1. I have a few questions regarding the possible future purchase of this wig.
    -how much would shipping be to Canada?
    -approximately how long will it take to arrive?
    -are the prices in US$?
    -is there tax?

    1. Shipping to Canada would be about $8 for this wig, as it’s quite long and heavy. The prices are in US dollars and we do not charge you any tax. How long it takes to arrive depends on where in Canada you are. We ship out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, so customers in Ontario tend to get their packages in about a week, sometimes even faster. If you’re in Alberta, British Columbia, or somewhere less close to us it might be more like 2 weeks.

    1. We don’t sell wefts ourselves, but since the wig is black it should not be too hard to color match it with wefts you bought elsewhere.

  2. Hello~! I would love to buy a wig from you! I live in Seattle and I’d need it by April 4th, is this possible? Please email me! 🙂

    1. Standard shipping usually arrives in a week or less, while priority (which costs $6-12) arrives in 2-3 business days. So yeah, it’s possible. Just order this week and you should be fine. 😀

  3. Well.. I live in Puyallup and i was sorta wondering How long it would take to get here if i did get this wig and does that add on to the 40$ or cost of the wig.

    1. With standard shipping, it would take under 7 business days. The cost of shipping is added to the cost of the wig; how much extra depends on what kind of shipping you purchase. There’s more details on our FAQ.

  4. hello! I was wondering in regards of a future purchase (which I will 90% do if said yes ^^) is it possible to only buy one pony tail clip? I need to style up a different black wig bought from you guys and wanted it to match 🙂

    1. You could select the ‘two ponytails only’ option and include a note through PayPal’s instructions to sender that you only want one. Then we can just send one and refund you through PayPal for the cost of the other one.

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