7 thoughts on “Wig Detangler

  1. I used this on my long wig today and it helped with getting the big tangles out (ahh hate long wigs…). It also smells so nice *3*
    Thanks for the spray!

  2. Hi i just have a question will you be bringing any of the detangler, shampoo and conditioner to Anime Boston 13 to sell at your booth? I know I will be looking to buy some and wanted to ask ahead.

    1. We are bringing them! The only way we wouldn’t have them is if we totally sell out at Anime Central the weekend before.

      1. thank you. I hope you don’t. I am running low on mind and I know for a fact by the end of the con I will be needing more. The one I got I believe I bought from your booth in 2010 I believe and its lasted me a long time and many wigs. I’ll be sure to stop by there first to make sure I get one.
        See you at the con ^^

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