We want to thank everybody who has Donated to Japan!

Its been great to see how many people are working together to send support to Japan.  We all obviously owe a lot to the Japanese people, and not just their famous artists, writers and celebrities.  We want to see everybody cared for and given hope.

We wanted to do more over here than just donate, so we’re going to be giving away incentives to thank everyone else who is donating too!

Paypal is offering an easy way to donate to a number of reputable agencies on the ground. And its is covering all the processing fees, so that your entire donation goes where you meant it to.

Donate through Paypal to any one of the listed aid agencies, and forward us your e-receipt along with the email or snail mail address you want us to ship to, and we’ll send our own thank you!

Donate $5 and we will send you a matching discount code for your next order.

Donate $10 and we’ll send you a matching discount code for your next order.

Donate $20- $25 and we will ship you a free T-shirt.

Donate $30 or more and Birdy will draw you a Chaotic Goods style Stat Block, or portrait or whatnot as requested.

We’ll keep this up as long as we can.

Thank you!

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