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    1. Yes, it’s available! When a wig is out of stock we always put up a notice that it’s unavailable. Just use the “add to cart” button to buy it.

    1. We asked our wig-maker about Garterbelt, and unfortunately they can’t manage to make his hair, because it sticks out so much. 🙁 Sorry!

  1. You know what might be a good idea? Selling your Stocking and Panty wigs as a set, where if you buy both, you get a small discount.

  2. when will you have both panty and stocking wigs up for sale again cause me and my friend want to do these cosplays for AFO i want to do panty for MetroCon as well if i can get the whole costume in time.

  3. Hi, I noticed the wig is style different for the Panty and Applejack pictures. Does it come prestyled for Panty or is it just a base blonde wig? Thanks. 🙂

    1. The wig is a super versatile hand stylable base. Both Panty and Applejack above are the same wig with no product, or heat styling, just alternately fluffing or smoothing the wig straight from the bag.

  4. hey, i was wondering if i can use this as a wig for female dave strider?
    if not, can you lead me to any other wigs? :B thanks!

    1. This one is a nice Femme Dave, but I’d look also at Art Bomb Zodiac Star.( http://thefivewits.net/2010/06/art-bomb-zodiac-star/ )
      It’s the same color now as our boy Dave wig, Yosh! Princely Hero Type. ( http://thefivewits.net/2010/06/yosh-princely-hero-type/ ) and you get a little ponytail you can wear or not as you like. It’s a little shorter than this one, which is good for energetic cosplaying and tangle free shenanigans, and just $35. 🙂

  5. Hey. I was wondering were this is getting shipped from? And how much is Shipping.? One more thing, If I order in the next few days, will it get here before March 17th? My zip is 30097. I live in Georgia. Hope you can get back to me soon. (Sorry for all the questions </3)
    Thanks so much <3

  6. Just got this wig and the quality is amazing! Thank you so much for posting these 🙂 i cant wait for fanime so i can show off this amazing wig 😀

  7. I’m interested in a style with a ponytail like the one offered with this wig but would rather buy it separate and attach it to a shorter wig. Do you perchance have a shorter wig in the same color?

  8. I purchased this for my Curly Brace cosplay, and man, it’s the most comfortable long wig I’ve ever worn!

  9. Hello! I’m interested in getting this wig but i have a question. I’m trying to get a wig that’s good for this: http://i.imgur.com/zQSen.jpg

    If i cut at the top of this wig, is it thick enough that you won’t see the base? (fohawk at the front, dreadlocks at the back)

    1. I’m not sure, to be honest- we haven’t tried cutting at the top before. It’s relatively thick for a long wig, though, so… maybe? (Sorry for the imprecise reply!)

    1. The way the wig is styled and spiked in the main photo we just styled with our hands- without hair spray, so if her Anarchy hair is like that you should be set. The fiber on this wig is great for teasing up into really big volume if you need it. If you scrunch and fluff it up from the roots with your fingers, and gently pull it up in tufts, you can make all that volume hold its place with a light spritz of a freezing hold spray. Don’t use too much spray before it gets a chance to set though, or you’ll saturate and flatten it.

  10. Got this wig a few days ago for my Vincent Nightray cosplay and it’s super amazing! I was nervous about getting a long wig because of how unmanageable they can be, but the layers with this one make it easy to care for.

  11. A question I’m sure you’re sick of but I’ll ask anyway: when do you think this will be back in stock (both the wig and the tail)?

    1. We do not sell wefts by themselves, but if you purchased one or more of the tails for this wig, the wefts could be taken off of the clip that they’re attached to.

  12. I was wondering if me and my friend can get a deal if we purchase 2 sets the what the – holy underpants wig and tail and the 20% cooler double rainbow wig and tail would we be able to get it cheaper? if we order together and for the what the-holy underpants wig is it gonna look like the first picture with it in the little hair band on the girl’s shoulder?

    1. The wig does not come with a tie or ribbon, sorry. While we can’t offer a discount on the combo order, ordering them at the same time going together to the same address will save you money on shipping.

  13. Do you sell wefts in this color? I’d like to add more hair to the wig it’s a bit thin for the cosplay I want to do but I still love the wig so I was wondering if you sell wefts that I could see in by hand.

    1. We don’t have any wefts per-say, however the ponytails for this wig could probably have the wefts that compose them unwoven from the clip they’re attached to and used as wefts.

  14. Wig just came in the mail and I loooooove it! It’s so fluffy! The bottom of the wig does seem to have less hair, but I’m fine with that, because the more hair, the more tangles. And I’m no good at taking care of long wigs. Thank you!

  15. Hi there! I recently got this wig in the mail for my panty cosplay, but when I tried it on it was rediculously poofy / volumous on the head part. Is there any way to flatten in dramatically so it stays closter to my head?
    If not, do you accept returns?


    1. Hi there! First, do make sure that you’re wearing a wig cap to keep all your hair close to your head – this is often a big source of wigs seeming bigger than they are.
      All of our wigs are heat stylable and can be straightened with any heat styling tool or by pouring near-boiling water over the top – many people also use styling product such as Got2B Glued to get their wigs to calm down. However, we do accept wig returns within 30 days if the wig is in unworn, unstyled condition.

      If you think the wig may be somehow incorrect from the picture, do feel free to send us a picture at thefivewitswigs@gmail.com and we will take a look at it!

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