9 thoughts on “Demon Bishie Prince Slash

    1. The bangs go down to your nose, on an average face. We have had people buy this wig for Undertaker. Other people who want even longer bangs have bought the Sword Infinity Villain Sparkle, which doesn’t have bangs at all, and just trimmed them in.

      1. ok! Cool, thank you! I’ll have to book mark this for when I do Undertaker…>,< To many cosplays to do!!!

  1. I bought this wig for undertaker and it is very durable and soft, I have worn it A LOT since I bought it and it is like new, the bangs were the perfect length but could be trimmed if needed, but I would definitely recommend this and other wigs from this seller to my friends and even strangers….

  2. Hey girls!
    since Sarah’s Drow/Soma wig is starting to wear thin and lose shape (so sad, ;_; i knoes)
    we are looking alot at this one.
    wondering about payments tho, can we mail u guys payment in cash? Or is there some sort of guidelines as far as that goes??

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