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    1. Good to hear it! You were one of the lucky ones, because I remember that we sold out of this one sometime on Saturday at Otakon. 😀

  1. I plan on ordering another of these wigs in a week or so, but I would like to know how do I keep it from tangling up when I move around? Ohh, EVERYONE at A&G Ohio loved it, and they all wanted to know where I got it! I sent them here. I could send you guys a picture of how it turned out if you want. Still, is there anything I can use on it to make the tails stay untangle?

    1. I’m glad everyone loved it, and we would love a picture of how it turned out.

      All long wigs and ponytails do tangle somewhat when you wear them, sadly, just like real long hair does. You’ll have to detangle it for sure at the end of the day, and probably at least once during the day. Start with your fingers only, at the bottom of the tail, and once the bottom is detangled you can move on up to the middle and then the top. Once you’ve got the big tangles out with your fingers, I suggest a wide-tooth comb, used in exactly the same way, bottom, then middle, then top. Also, spray-on hair detangler can help. I cosplay Grell, and I spend about half an hour or more at the end of each day detangling my wig.

      1. So it wasn’t unusual spending the time detangling. I know I kept it looking better through the con the any of the other Mikus there! I will try the detangler stuff, though I was able to work it out with my fingers and a big comb. I’m still going to be getting another one this week. Anyway, here’s the pic.


  2. Would it be possible to get this wig in pink? I saw the auburn version of it but I need a pink one to do Tagaki Saya from Highschool of the Dead. I’d like to get it from you guys cause I saw you at ACEN 2011 and your wigs were amazing and very reasonably priced.

    1. We’re starting up a new order of wigs today, so I’ll add Tagaki Saya to our list. It will probably be 5-6 weeks before it’s ready, and we’ll keep you posted about when it is available.

    1. I think our Miku wig is just a touch darker than the one in that pic. It’s not super dark, but I have seen other Mikus at conventions with slightly lighter ponytails.

      1. Hmmm…must decide. Thanks! Just got my wig brush and detangler it fixed my Light Yagami wig up very well after being stuffed in a friend’s backpack for about a week -.-

  3. I bought this wig at ConnectiCon 2011. I’m very happy I bought this I even bought your comb and wig detangler for the pigtails because my first Miku wig that I ordered from eBay last year got destroyed because that’s when I started cosplaying and I didn’t know how to take care of long wigs. The color is perfect and is just beautiful! I’m going to be going to New York Anime Festival and I plan to buy another wig from you guys there (:

  4. I really love all of your cosplay wigs! They are all GREAT quality and they get here FAST! I love them! And they are reasonably priced as well!
    I have a quick question on this wig though. The girl in this picture with it on has the wig as close to the ground as I thought it would be, but then again she looks kind’ve tall. I am extremely short, 4 ft and 11 inches to be exact. Would this wig be enough to, not touch the floor, but go past my stomach at least? I know, I should measure it myself, but the only thing I have to tell length from is a ruler and that’s not exactly what I should be using…

  5. I just got my wig in the mail yesterday. It’s perfect! It’s more comfortable to wear and easier to work with then a normal long wig. Thank you so much! I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a Miku wig! :3

  6. Hey there!
    Would you say this wig is more of a teal color, or closer to turquoise? Or perhaps something in-between?

  7. Hi just had a quick question. I keep searching for a high quality miku wig and everything seems to lead me here. My last miku wig is a total mess and its just be much to deal with:( andI want to get a nice no that doesn’t tangle as much as the other no because honestly I don’t have that much patience haha, but just how good is the wig because I dont wanna keep buy more wigs and how long does it take to ship but then again I dont need it until July for Anime expo. Sorry if I sound really negative and stuff its just that every time I get a wig they seem to be horrible:( thanks again

    1. We do have a few shorter straight pigtails in this color. They are 60 cm. If you want to order them, just order the regular wig and put a comment in the comment section that you want the shorter ponytails.

  8. I has a question what color would that be considered? I’m trying to find a light aqua blue color…not the green miku but the light blue version of her >.> would this wig do for her character?

  9. any way the wig pigtails can be longer? and does this tangle?!?!? im looking for a super nice quality miku wig for anime expo!

    1. Our wigs are high-quality Hiperlon fiber, which means that they are heat-resistant and some of the best cosplay wigs you can buy. However, it is a fact of wigs that long wigs *will* tangle, no matter the quality and where you buy them from – and I must admit that this wig is no exception. Adding some wig detangler (and only combing very gently from the bottom with a wide toothed comb) will help – and we sell wig detangler for this very reason.

      Length-wise, this is the longest it gets!

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