39 thoughts on “Super Master Genius Trainer

    1. I think it would work. It is pretty shaggy especially in the bangs. Maybe not quite as long in the back, but I think it would do.

  1. I am cosplaying as Yuffie from Advent Children and have noticed that her hair is shorter at the back than it is at the front. Do you think this wig could work for her? or should i search for a different wig?

  2. So I bought this wig from you guys at TnT this year and I’ve never been happier with a purchase ever!!

    I’ve only ever bought a wig once before, and it was for a Rainbow Dash cosplay. It was TERRIBLE quality and I wish I would have known about your website when I wasted my money on it! πŸ˜›

    But this wig is great for multiple uses! I got it for Karkat from Homestuck, but it also can work great as a Jake English (Homestuck) wig as well, and probably a good John. I’m definitely going to be buying my Dave Strider wig from you guys.

  3. Hey, do you guys have any pictures of what this wig looks like from the side when it’s spiked up L-style? It’s killing me. XD

  4. Sorry to bother, but do you know when this wig will be back in stock? I plan on cosplaying as Beyond Birthday (from Death Note: Another Note) at a convention this March and this wig would be perfect. I love the Demyx wig I bought from here and would love to get my BB wig from here too, plus I have an L going with me who is in need of a wig so I was going to recommend this sight to her. Thank you in advance for your time!

    1. This could work. but it depends on the length you want. Super Master Genius trainer is longer than Death by smoking Butterfly. But if you are unsure you could always trim this one down.

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