21 thoughts on “Sky Destiny Clown Shoes

  1. I has two questions

    What does this wig look like from the side, if you dont mind my asking.

    and Does this wig come pre-styled or do you have to style it yourself?

    1. I’ll put up a side view pic early next week, so you can see. The wig comes out of the bag as shown here, naturally shaggy-looking. If you want it to go into stiff spikes you’ll need to do that styling yourself.

    1. This wig is extra thick on top, and reasonably thick in the back and sides. We’ve seen it styled for Sora, so you can get a lot of spike without showing wefts. 🙂

  2. Is it possible to see photos of how the wig styles? I’m considering purchasing this wig, but I’d hate to buy it only to find out it doesn’t spike how I want it to :’D
    I hope that’s not too much trouble!

    1. Okay, we added a pic of how it can look once spiked. This pic is by Christina, and she has another pic of it posted on our Facebook (link in right sidebar).

    1. It should be a week or less since you ordered standard shipping. I just emailed you your tracking number, so you can check where your package is using that. 🙂

  3. Would you consider this to be a good wig for Rapunzel after her hair is cut? Or do you think you have another more suited for it?

  4. Do you think this would work well for Pit from Kid Icarus when styled? I’m planning on cosplaying him in a few months and am really in need of a good wig, and I’m thinking of getting this one when in stock.

  5. How well would this wig slick back? Im considering this for a Gabriel cosplay and was just wondering if this is the wig you’d suggest for that? thanks!

    1. It’s not going to slick back very easily – this wig naturally tends forward and while you could pin it back and train it to go back with some heat, that’s kind of a thing that you would need to do at your own risk, and the hairline might look a little off. This wig is also naturally very fluffy in the back, so you may want to consider this wig for something that isn’t AS fluffy in the back and has a similar length and color.

  6. I just want to share my experience with you guys:

    I bought this wig from you at Tokyo in Tulsa and styled it in my hotel room (note – not advised!) to be Pit (Kid Icarus) the next day. It’s been nearly a year of repeated use and the wig still looks beautiful. I frequently get people who mistake it for my real hair because the color of the fibers is that natural – even with the crazy style! the spikes have held beautifully, by the way.
    Also worth noting, nobody would ask if it was real if they could see the weft through the spikes. this is easily the best wig I own.

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