10 thoughts on “Mecha Shonen Meister

  1. Hiya! I saw this wig and thought it would be the best for Miranda Lotto from D. Gray Man perfect style and color, but its a bit shorter than her hair. Is it possible that it could be made to be longer?

    1. We decided to go ahead and get this color in a slightly longer wig, like Miranda’s hair. Look for it to be available in late May-early June.

    1. Since his hair is short, brown, and spiky, I think this would work. I can’t think of how his hair goes in the back because he always has that hood up . . .

  2. Can the hair be combed toward the back? With a little cutting, I think this might be the closest wig I can find to use for South Korea (allowing for a clip-in extension for the spoink).

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