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        1. Ah, I see. Let me see if I can get a sample made of her hair. I might not be able to get it pre-styled, but maybe a good base wig. I’ll look into it.

  1. I bought this wig for my Naoto Shirogane cosplay and it’s lovely! It smooths down nicely and is the perfect shade of dark blue. 🙂

    1. This one’s a bit more teal: http://thefivewits.net/2011/04/crystal-ghost-card-champion/

      And here are links to the two wigs we have for Ciel: http://thefivewits.net/0201/06/phantom-loli-ruffle-encounter/ and http://thefivewits.net/2010/06/doctor-phantom-fiendish-investigator/ To be honest, no one’s asked for his hair in green before, which is why we have it in grey and grey-blue.

      The wigs I’ve linked to are all listed as temporarily out of stock, but that’s just because we’re taking them to a show next weekend. In a week or two they should be listed as back in stock, unless we have a giant run on wigs and sell out of everything. 🙂

      1. Great! I really like the Crystal ghost! I hope it’ll be in stock soon!
        A question about it: is the colour more accurately represented by the scanned image or the photos?
        Also, how should I go about trimming it to Ciel-length?


        1. The pics are better than the scan for color, I think.

          To trim a wig to the right length, first put it on your or somebody else’s head. Nothing is worse than trimming a wig on a wig head and then finding out you cut the bangs too short. Get a comb and a nice sharp scissors. Pull the comb through the hair until it is just below the length you want to trim it to. Then trim with the scissors right above the comb. The idea is that the hair is all caught in the comb as you cut, which makes your cut nice and straight. You can probably find a vid of this on Youtube! Which reminds me that I should put up a wig cutting tutorial along with the wig wearing tutorials on our Youtube account.

  2. You suggested this wig as somewhat similar to the Crystal Ghost Card Champion, is it the same length as that one and can I style it the same so that the bangs are over one eye?

    1. About a week at most with standard shipping- so March 11th if you order it now? If you want faster surer shipping, priority shipping costs more but takes only about 3 days.

  3. Hello, just wondering –

    Is this one of those wigs that has a multidirectional part? I’m also looking to purchase for Naoto Shirogane but have always had a tough time with wigs with stubborn parts.

  4. I bought this wig on a Monday and it arrived the next week (in Europe). Vert fast shipping if you tell me. The wig is thick and fluffy. It’s very easy to style with your fingers. I’m also using it for my Naoto Shirogane cosplay, like many others who commented. Thanks, Five Wits!

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