26 thoughts on “Art Bomb Zodiac Star

    1. Sure, but it will still cost $35. We’re pretty much including the ponytail for free with the base wig.
      Just send us a note by email when you order to remind us, or better still, put a note in the Instructions to Merchant section when you order.

    1. When you order this wig, put a note in Instructions To Sender (or send us an email right after you order) saying you want an extra ponytail included.
      Then use PayPal’s Send Money button to send us an extra $5 for the cost of the extra ponytail.

  1. I bought this wig a little over a year ago and I love it! I currently have it set in a ponytail/bun and i’m using it for Annie Leonhardt cosplay and it works really well!

  2. I’ve bought from you guys before, and you’re my one-stop shop!

    This base wig would be PERFECT for a Winry Rockbell that I’d like to work on. However I need a longer pony-tail. Do you have any longer ponytails that match this color?

  3. My friends and I were able to turn this into an Annie Leonhardt wig! Took a lot of cutting but this worked great for it.

  4. Do you guys think this would work for Chiyuki Matsuoka from Millennium Snow? I have a few of your fabulous wigs and I’m always happy to buy more! 🙂

  5. I was going to order this or the Lunar Dragon for my Elsa/Namine cosplays, but you said in the comments somewhere that you had a new one for Elsa. So, two questions: when can we expect to see the new Elsa wig (and what will it be called??), and does this have bangs? I can’t really tell for sure.

  6. Is it possible for this wig to be pulled back? It’s the perfect length and color for 2 year later Helmeppo, from One Piece, but before a friend orders it, we’d like to know if it can be.

  7. A few months ago I bought this wig and as I was stying it today and I was trying to put it into pigtails, I noticed it was too thin and too short in the back. Do you guys sell wefts I can add on and if you do, how much?

    1. Sadly, we carry so many styles and colors that are unique to individual wigs that we don’t have the warehouse space to carry wefts. Regular wigs aren’t really made to be put into pigtails, which is why our ponytail wig options are really popular. HOWEVER! The Loli Blonde Effervescence ponytails you can order separately are the same color as this wig, and the wefts from those can be separated from the clips if you like. I prefer just straightening as needed and clipping them on wherever I want my ponytails to fall.

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