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  1. I bought this at Zenkaikon in Philly. It’s comfortable, light and it looks and feels like real hair! It even comes with an antenna, you just gotta find it. XD

  2. DDD: I might buy this but it’d be nice to see a few more pictures… Could you put one up of a side view?

    1. The braid is already in the wig, just as you see in the pictures! You can let down the braid to be just a straight wig if you want, but it comes braided.

  3. Is there a way to get it without the spoink? I want to get this for Howard Link from D.Gray-man, but I feel like trying to flatten that down will be a real pain in the neck. D:

  4. Hey! Would this work for Ginta from MAR (Marchen)? I mean, when it lets out and the like, would it be able to be spiked that way?

    1. I think spiking the top would work. Iā€™d recommend Got2BGlued for when you spike it; we use that one whenever we style our personal cosplay wigs.

  5. I realllly love this wig, I bought it back in August for FanExpo and I loved it ever since. I’m buying another wig really soon, since I really like it, and my sister wants to buy one in a while for her Harvest Moon cosplay.

  6. I’m thinking about getting this wig (it looks great in the pictures), but I have a couple of questions. If I get it, I’ll take the braid out and trim it down a little bit, since I’m not using it for Ed. So, for the questions. 1) Is the color the natural blonde it looks in the pictures, or is it very yellow? I’m wanting the wig for Rose Tyler, and since she’s a live-action character, I really want it to look as natural as possible. 2) How well does it take dye? I plan on dyeing the roots darker to give it a more natural look, and more accurate to the character. 3) Is it possible to change the front part at all? In the version of Rose I’m doing, she has her part slightly to the side. Sorry if this seems like a lot, but I’m always a little apprehensive when I order from a new company, and I would hate to buy a wig that I was unhappy with.

    1. It’s okay to ask us stuff! It can be unbraided, so that’s alright.
      1) It’s pretty much the color shown in the photos. That’s the wig shown in natural light, but still, it’s not a bright crayon yellow, it’s more naturalistic.
      2) The fiber our wigs are made of, heat-resistant hiperlon, takes sharpie dye and wig dye. I’m not sure how to dye just roots on a wig, but I bet google knows how!
      3) Sorta. We got the center part to match Ed. The part can be moved with a comb, some hairspray and some work.
      Bonus answer! 4) Another less work intensive option for Rose is Art Bomb Zodiac Star. The part’s much easier to move and the side ponytail is removable.

      1. Thank you so much! You’re very helpful. I did look at the other wig, and it’s really nice. It would actually work really well for Rose. But, as I probably should have mentioned before (I’m an idiot sometimes and expect everyone else to be mind readers to keep up with my train of thought), I’m doing her “Idiot’s Lantern” 1950’s costume. It was the already separate, chunky bangs that drew me into this wig. I’m so awful at separating out bangs. I always end up with either too much or too little, or with wefts showing. And since I’m going to be doing a beehive style on the wig anyways, it’ll be work intensive already. But thank you for the alternate suggestion! If I find myself needing to replace my current Rose Tyler wig, I’ll definitely try it out!

  7. I just received this in the mail today and it is WONDERFUL! It looks so much like real hair! I’ve donated all of my real hair for cancer so it felt good to have ‘hair’ again!^^ also its not itchy! that’s the problem I face with most wigs. thank you so much for letting me buy it!

  8. Hey, I was just wondering how everyone thinks this wig will be for a male version of Flandre Scarlet from Touhou 6? Mostly just looking for opinions in that.

    1. Hmm. I’m having a tough time telling from googling what shade of blonde her hair is- some pictures are bright yellow, some pale platinum. Could you send me a link of the shade you’re aiming for?
      Also, do you have a particular male version of the character (fan art or something) that you’re working from? I don’t know if this wig would be the best bet for Flandre, as it does not have bangs. Maybe this wig?

      1. I am not too surprised you couldn’t find a male flandre cosplay or fan art. As I couldn’t either after over a month of searching. I am mostly focusing on a wig that has long hair to portray the pony tail she has. She mostly wears it to the side kinda, but as a male flandre I would likely have it more centered in the back maybe.

        Here are a few pics I have used as reference for what I would need.



        I was thinking either this wig or the gemini twin too.
        Mostly want opinions on which might be better.

  9. Hi! I loved your Yoko Littner wig…and I’m in the market for an Edward Wig…but I would want to see more pictures of this one. I’m picky about the thickness of wigs too….i don’t like wefts or wig caps showing through you see….sorry to be picky….but do you have any more pictures?

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