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    1. It looks great, doesn’t it? One of our customers sent us that pic, and she didn’t say which product she used. I’ve heard good things about Got2B Glued, a hair styling glue, and I also know that some people use regular white glue. I use hairspray for softer spikes, but this style would have to be done with glue.

    1. Well, I haven’t used Got2B Glued myself so I can only speak from personal experience. Hairspray washes out great. White glue can wash out with warm water and time but it is a pain. If I went to the trouble of glue-styling a wig I’d probably just leave it for that character. Repeated washing out of product does take its toll on the wig and makes it wear out faster.

  1. hi! 😀 we’d be interested in seeing the wig without styling, cause we want to roxas style it ^^
    Plus, would you mind to contact us with the Roxas wig styler? :3 we’d like to ask him/her how he/she did it, cause it’s really epic and awesome <3
    Thank youu <3

    1. I’ll let Mikki know you’re asking and send her your way. As for without styling, we didn’t really style the wig for any of the photos above other than the Roxas. Its just that shaggy and adjustable right out of the bag. The bigger “America” pic is pretty much just what it looks like. The “Naruto” is if you scrunch it up from that just with your hands.

  2. Hi guys!
    This is Mikki, the one who styled the Roxas wig.
    The wig is no longer styled, but I did post my progess on Deviantart.
    If you’d like to view them, visit my deviantart, http://mikki-tsukiyomi.deviantart.com and you can either comment on my page or go to my ‘Cosplay’ folder in my gallery and find the photos.
    In my gallery’s ‘search bar’, if you type in ‘Roxas’, the pictures should also pop up.
    Don’t be afraid to talk to me!

    1. This wig can certainly be styled with Got2B spray and glue, and you can use wax on it as long as you don’t mind that the wax never comes out. (Hairspray and glue wash out if you mess up.) I have never used gel on wigs, as I know that they don’t respond the same way regular hair does. Additionally, you can use heat tools to style this wig, because it is heat resistant fiber.

  3. Yay! I’m so excited for this and Running Madman Blue Box to come tomorrow! Do you want me to link you guys the Facebook photos when I take them?

    1. Standard ground shipping usually takes 7 business days or less, while Priority shipping will take about 3 business days. Express shipping is overnight to most US locations.

  4. Hi, I’m planning a Toon/Wind Waker Link cosplay, and Link’s hair in this incarnation is VERY yellow and photos online can be decieving. So, lovely people who have seen this wig in person, how do you think this would look for this use? Do you have any suggestions?
    I know the quality is there because I’ve used your wigs before and they’re FABULOUS. Just hoping for some input before I commit – save the trouble of having to send back a beautiful wig! @.@

    1. This… is an incredibly yellow wig. I think it would work really well. It’s not, like, CRAYON yellow, but it’s pretty much the yellowest wig we carry or plan to carry because they don’t get much brighter. 🙂 In fact, we have suggested this wig for Wind Waker Link in the past!

      We appreciate your repeat business! Thank you!

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