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We sell seriously awesome cosplay wigs at Our wigs are made of high quality heat-resistant fiber. The wig caps are big enough to fit most heads, there are lots of nice thick wefts, and the fibers style easily.


  1. Hey I’m looking for a wig to cosplay Nona from Death Parade. Do you have any lace front wigs or anything to assist in my quest?

  2. Hello I do apologize, but I was wondering if you had a wig you would recommend for Bolin from the legend of Korra? I was thinking about the hall-monitor-moral-brows wig but I wanted to ask your opinion as you deal with the wigs first hand.

  3. Hi! Sorry to bother you, but do you have any wigs that would work for Aoi Asahina from Danagn Ronpa? I don’t mind having to style it! Thank you!!

  4. Hi there! I got Moon Transformation Catgirl for my Feferi cosplay and it is perfect! However, I’m looking for a wig that would work for trickster Feferi, and the design I’m looking at has her with mint hair. Is Vocal Sight Glam Cat similar to the Moon Transformation one in style and do you think it is light enough to dye mint?

      1. Thank you 🙂
        Also, i bought one of your wigs at Anime Crossroads, and it is amazing! I will be telling my friends about your wigs.

  5. Hello I’m looking for a wig to cosplay Twilight Sparkle from MLP. Any suggestions?

    Most wigs that I have seen look great in the front but in the back it gets all mixed up. You cant see the same separate stripes of pink and lavender on the purple wig down the back as you do in the front bangs.

    I’ve never tried dying my own wigs before but I’m willing to try.

  6. Hey!! So I saw you guys at a convention last year, I’m pretty sure it was GenCon, but it may have been Indiana Comic Con. I super loved your wigs, but was unfortunately too poor (and had forgot my wallet at home sob) to buy one then, so I took a card to check out your website. Anyways, at the Convention you guys had a super awesome Margaery wig, but I can’t seem to find it on your site. I was curious if maybe you don’t sell it anymore? Or it’s just not listed on your site or something? Or maybe I missed it haha. Thanks in advance for your help!

    1. We do sell it still – you’re in luck! For some reason that I am not sure about, it is just not up on our website yet. It should be up somewhat soon! However, since we’re going to a con this weekend and will be traveling, if you want one sooner than that, please add a $40 wig to your cart and in the comments request a “Clever Queen Growing Strong” instead.

      1. I actually ended up buying it at ICC this year (or really, my sister bought it for me as a birthday present) but thank you so much for responding and for all your help and also your awesome wigs!! c:

  7. hi! do you have any wigs that would work for suzuya juuzou from tokyo ghoul? thank you!! (also do you think you guys will ever have tokyo ghoul wigs in stock? that would be awesome!!)

  8. Hello! I love your wigs and I reccomend them to everyone I can. You guys are so fast (probably because I’m local, but still!), and I love the quality of wigs you guys carry.
    I was wondering if you might have anything that could work for Pearl from Steven Universe, or if you planned on getting any wigs to suit those characters? I’m hoping to cosplay her for Free Comic Book Day at the comic store where I work. I see a lot of people using pink for Pearl, and it’s so hard to find a nice really light orangey toned one to use instead (which is what I’d prefer).

    1. We sooo appreciate your business! You’re awesome! Ummm, we are trying to get a few for that show, I know we’re going to get something for Amethyst pretty soon, but Pearl is kinda hard to do and I can’t make any promises for that one. If you aren’t against styling, I think our Darling Sweet Blood Hacker would be a lovely color for her.

  9. I saw Animazement got the Director of Cowboy Bebeop for Memorial day weekend, the last weekend of May. Any chance of seeing a Spike & Faye inspired wigs?

    Also Tokyo Ghoul seems to be blowing up right now.

  10. Hey there! I was wondering if all of your wigs are heat resistant? I’m not in a hurry just wondering for future purchases.

  11. Looking forward to new rwby wigs you hinted on. Guy cosplayers are dieing with mostly only female characters hair styles online

  12. Hi! Do you have any wigs that would work for Nona from Death Parade? I’m really just looking for something similar in color.

  13. howdy again! do you have anything that would work for either a fem!shirokaneki or just a normal shirokaneki? shirokaneki is kaneki with white hair! thank you!!

    1. Hey! 🙂 We sure do! Lots of people use Emotionally Stunted Bullet Ballet for Kaneki, as well as Action Iced Demon Slayer, which will be back in stock soon.

      For a female version, there are a few different directions you could take that. If you want to go total lolita, there’s always Gothic Lolipocalypse Absolut Crystal, or maybe Ice Crystal Ruffle Encounter. A more traditional feminine hairstyle in white is Stupid Smexy Tomb Thief as well as Heaven Snow Falling Meteor.

    1. That’s a wig that’s kind of tough because of his undercut. We are trying to work on something that will work for him because we’ve been getting a TON of requests, but not sure how to go about it because when wigs get short enough they start showing wefting underneath and that’s no good! Thus, we don’t have anything in the works right this minute, but we’re trying to brainstorm a way to make it work.

      In the meantime, I think Here All The Time is a good fit for styling since it has a good amount of hair on the top to fluff up.

  14. I was wondering if you guys happened to have a wig for Kenma from Haikyuu? I thought I saw one at your booth at AnimeBoston, but I wasn’t sure and didn’t have the funds for a wig then. I’m planning on cosplaying him in the future and would love if you had one that I could purchase from you! If not, maybe some suggestions on what might work?

  15. Hi! I noticed in a comment above that you guys said were planning on getting Amethyst wigs soon? Do you guys have an ETA on those? No rush or anything, I’m just curious.
    I figured I’d use another of your long white wigs if you didn’t get them in time, but I thought I’d ask here before making the order. 🙂
    Thanks! You guys are always so helpful.

    1. We are, but we’re not sure of the ETA on it. We have been working on a prototype but it isn’t quite to the, uh, intense fullness of Amethyst’s hair. (We do have something that’s a very similar color to her hair, but straight – Unphaseable Amnesiac Detective … on our secret new website (and the site actually does work so if you like this one you can go ahead.)

      However, it’s going to be weeks for sure (8+) before we have a wig specifically for Amethyst, so I didn’t want to leave you hanging. Of course a white wig may work too if you prefer something lighter!

  16. So was anything different style wise with hair spiked front forward and a shorter sides ever figured out for a neptune rwby wig, right now im set to order “here all the time”, unless told to hold for a week, but needed for Animazement 2nd last wknd of may for rwby gathering with my friends, and hope somebody skilled can help me style it as it’s nothing something i’m really good at.

    1. No, although we’ve seen that you have put your wig order in – still though, we don’t have something that works well for Neptune right now and would not get something in before the end of May. For styling, we recommend Got2B Glued. The wig itself lends itself pretty easily to styling – the Hiperlon fiber is fluffy.

      To simulate the undercut, you may try to dye the lower part of the wig. I don’t recommend cutting it much shorter because wefts may show.

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