lurn to draw good

Another by Ruth. Art by Birdy next week? Could be!

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  1. KaitNo Gravatar says:

    i help teach the digital art class at my school since I know more than the teacher about it (true story) so I can help you if you wanna figure out how to do stuff!
    on photoshop your best friends are the polygonal lasso tool, layers and the burn and dodge tools….the undo button is also good but you can only undo so many times which means its better to make a new layer every day you work on it so you can delete ALOT of stuff if you make a really dumb mistake. Also, its normal for a picture to have 50-60 layers by the end, it won’t slow your computer down so don’t be afraid of it. if you need any help with understanding it, I can hopefully bring my laptop(when I get one in college) with photoshop on it to a con and help you out!

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